Simon, Khufu, and Pearl Pigeon taught me tricks

1) Simon Pigeon (RIP) taught me that when he pecked at my shirt, he wanted a treat.
2) Then Khufu Pigeon taught me the same thing
3) Now Pearl Pigeon has taught me that when she pecks at my shirt she wants a treat. . . . . .(Pigeons are smart ~:<)
. . . . Simon and Khufu also taught me that when they pecked my HAND they wanted a HUG. (Pearl has yet to teach me that, I've only had her 3 weeks)
Simon was a 16yo white Modena Pigeon. - 140813f


Khufu is a mostly black 1yo Egyptian Swift. - 180211c

Pearl is a greyish Jacobin.(new to me) - 180415c


MR KING GOES VISITING, Show King Pigeon visiting a nursing home

Mr King will soon have a new home with someone who can give him the attention he deserves. I will miss him dearly... But I know he'll be happy at his new home. 

Mr King went for his last visit to see my Mother in her nursing home. 

FIRST Mr King had to sign in at the receptionist desk. 

Then a nurse stops by to say Hi...

 Mr King wanted to play the piano in the waiting room.

 Then we visited my Mother.

Mr King shows off his profile. 

And more nurses wanted to meet Mr King. 

Then we went shopping... Everyone wanted to pet Mr King.

 THEN we went home... Mr King asks to come in the house. 
So I opened the door for him. Mr King wants his supper.


2.5 was "barking", she knew there was an owl lurking nearby

WHY was she "Barking" on the railing next to the house I wondered? Something was wrong for sure. . . . 2.5 Homer Pigeon saw what I could not. I dismissed it.
Later a neighbor called to alert me that there was a Great Horned Owl near our back fence. 2.5 knew she should not fly to the Aviary. The Chickens were unsuspecting and in the yard as usual.
2.5 is So smart and intelligent... later, she did make her way safely to the aviary.... All is well, no birds lost. No birds loose tomorrow though.


Purebred Show King - Frillback Pigeon feather.

My purebred "Show King" Pigeon is only 99.99999% Purebred.
A single curly feather from another breed (Frillback) is growing from her breast, Hmmm.


His eye was poked out.

His eye was poked out .. Gone, nothing left but bits of flesh, and tissue inside his eye, a mess. It was ugly (No pic then, too gruesome) 
His eye/head was swollen to nearly to twice the size of his head.
> > > > BUT > > > now a week later (pic) the swelling has gone down, he blinks, and his eyeball seems to be intact.. AND we have verified that he CAN see from that eye (not sure how much?) (eyeball wasn't punctured). and it's getting better everyday. It's possible? he may? make a complete recovery?
. . He's a 4yo "Show King" Pigeon. He and his wife got along SO well with the Chickens eating/drinking from the same dish... but... ???


Hay time at the Harris MN farm

Hay time at the farm 50 Miles N of St Paul MN. . I used to walk the 2-1/2 miles around the perimeter just to see the abundant wildlife. 3/4 miles back there's a lake behind the trees. Beautiful sunset every evening from the house on the 80 foot hill. I miss living there. Still visit our cabin there though.

Zoomed in you can see the big bales.  Lots of deer in my field because they had to go around the lake behind the trees.



Underground Restaurant, Alux, in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Must see

Unique underground experience right in downtown Playa Del Carmen MX.  
Google "http://www.aluxrestaurant.com/en/"

Address = Av. Juárez Mza. 217, Ejidal, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

We were there 2015, very large, ... it's right in downtown, under about 4 city blocks of businesses right above it. 

Underground Map of Restaurant

Entrance staircase