Threesome nude bathing

Threesome nude bathing... Birds are just like people.
Khufu (F) wants to join 2.5 and her husband. 2.5 was not interested in sharing.
Actually, all Khufu wanted was to take a bath ~:<)
                                         Khufu wants to join 2.5 and her husband Newbie

                                          2.5 notices Khufu

                                Khufu advances

                                2.5 protests

                               2.5 forces a retreat.

                                          Khufu plans a new approach.

                      Khufu lands on Newbies back... 2.5 promptly chased Khufu away.


Simon Pigeon takes his daily medicine.

Simon takes his daily medicine.
He's 16yo, arthritis, hard for him to walk.
This is kinda like a pain reliever, seems to help ~:<)
Quite cooperative compared to most birds, he really doesn't seem to mind.


Como music Rachel Ries Dead Pigeon

Rachel Ries - 170128
Hi, I spoke with you briefly after your performance at Como Conservatory 1/22/17 about your "Dead Pigeon" song... Homing/Cardinal.  I mentioned to you that I raise Pigeons. Actually not raise them, I have them as pets... actually they're not pets, they are members of the family. I currently have five, they are my children and I love them dearly, and they love me SOooo much. I also have Chickens and sweet gently loving Doves (and cat and dog). .

A love story >Your song really moved me because of one of my dear sweet Pigeon named Velcro (she sticks to me ... a 7yo female Voorburg Shield Cropper).

Video - Velcro loved to be with me.

A few years ago, Velcro had "died" on several occasions with very very serious injuries (interesting stories), but somehow she survived each time. I spent many many hours and days and days cradling her semi-conscious body in my arms hoping she'd recover, and each time a miracle, she did recover.

. . Another of my Pigeons, 2.5, a pure white now-10yo female Homer, lost her first 3 husbands to hawks and cats.
And then I got Velcro. At that time 2.5 did not have a partner, so the two females Velcro and 2.5 decided to become a couple. They fell MADLY deeply in love, they were inseparable... the ultimate love story.  They'd cry when they were apart. It was beautiful to see how much they loved each other, 24/7 constant hugging and kissing.


They were lovers for five years, THEN .....
. . . One day Velcro was flying from the aviary to the deck to visit me when a hawk swooped down and killed her in mid-air, broke her neck. Dead, she was laying on the ground with her "head next to her heart". I was devastated and still am... I cried for days. She is now buried at my farm up north. She was such a happy care-free soul, she just seemed to love life so much ... and she loved to be with me. I took it very hard, like losing a part of me. I cried, and cried, and still do... I miss her.


Velcro's partner, 2.5 was also devastated. I had never seen a depressed Pigeon before. She'd sit near the aviary window day after day motionless all day, just staring off into space, waiting for Velcro's return home (Homing). 140612a

After that, 2.5 rarely left the aviary, always waiting for Velcro to come home. It took about 1 year for her to start a new life... 2.5 was alone now but she'd still come in the house and call and call for Velcro, searching the house for Velcro. They had spent many happy hours together in our house. It made me so sad seeing how desperately 2.5 wanted to be with Velcro again. It was easy to see that 2.5 was hurting ... so ...
. . So now it was just Newbie, a male 2yo Modena Pigeon, ...  and 2.5.


But, 2.5 resented Newbie and would not let him near her, she only wanted Velcro back. It took 2.5 many months before she finally accepted Newbies presence and then many more months before she reluctantly accepted Newbie as her new partner.
. . They've been together a few years now, but it's kinda sad though because it's just NOT the same. 2.5 finally accepted Newbie as a partner, but the love just isn't there. I never see those signs of deep affection like with Velcro. ... they just kind of live together. I know 2.5 still wants Velcro back.
. . Anyway... your song made me think of Velcro... I miss her so much.
I never think of them as birds... they are just like us, tiny feathered humans, and they have  *exactly* the same feelings and emotions that we do... love, fear, compassion, sadness, happiness, joy, loneliness, anger, jealousy, contentment, etc etc... I've seen them all. 
Over the years I have posted many many times about events in the Pigeons lives... tragic, funny, cute, humorous, emotional (Will make you cry), clever, and very sweet behavior. I have learned so much about life from my birds. I don't train them,... they train me - to do what they want me to do (food, water, in/out, hugs needed, etc), they speak very clearly if you stop to listen, all animals do.
. . . On my farm I had many hundreds of pets, domestic and wild. In town I can only have traditional pets plus Chickens, Pigeons and Doves (and cat and dog). I teach classes at various cities "The Art of Keeping Chickens"... Super efficient Solar coops, always above freezing for less than $5 per year, and super easy maintenance, VERY happy Chickens. 
. If I was a writer, I could easily write many books about the lives and adventures of birds and animals. My pet Seagull, Diddy,  deserves a book of her own, extremely intelligent and clever creature... SO many funny, unbelievable and amazing stories. She was the boss of the barnyard over my 140 dogs, 30 cows, 9 horses, sheep, goats, 9 cats, etc, and a pet fox. Diddy was wise and very intelligent.

. . Maybe you can meet Simon someday? He's famous.

Simon is a 16yo pure white Modena Pigeon.. he goes EVERYwhere with us.. camping, hiking, visiting, vacations, into stores, visiting relatives in the hospital, ...nursing homes (a therapy Pigeon)... we're never apart.      160830.jpg

He LOVES to ride on the dashboard. Maybe the most held by strangers, and most photographed Pigeon in the world, even been in a wedding.

131004a# Lake Superior, Split Rock Lighthouse

151011aa - - - Simon questions the "Foot Travel Only".

Since he's so old, he is now a House Pigeon... every evening about 10pm he comes to find me to get his good-night hug. Again many Many MANY humorous and sweet stories about Simon Pigeon and his adventures... another book ~:<)  Simon has his own FB site too.
. . Anyway, mostly just wanted you to know about how your song affected me.

Les Larson (Ace or "Bert Larson" on FB (Profile is head Bert Rooster).


Simon Pigeon goes Van Camping ... and mushroom hunting.

Simon Pigeon goes Van Camping ...
and mushroom hunting.
 Good morning Simon ~:<)

Simon waiting for breakfast.

Wow, Big rock.

Simon found lots of mushrooms.


 Simon found this babbling brook to get a drink of clear cold water. 

 More mushrooms

Simon says ... Yup, this is the North side of the tree. 

  Simon checks out Lake Alice.

 Waiting for the lecture to begin.

On the way home, . . . waiting for an Ice Cream treat at Nelsons in Stillwater MN.

End of a nice camping trip ~:<)


160816 Hawk attacked birds on railing

THE HAWK skimmed  one foot above my shoulder like a missile yesterday... aimed 6 feet in front of me at my 4 pigeons sitting peacefully on the deck railing. There was an explosion of birds flying to escape the hawk and in 1/4 second the hawk had vanished thru the lilacs... not a bird left on the railing It was over in an micro-second. I ran down to the patio, where my white Homer Pigeon 2.5, had smashed herself into the house trying to get away and she  got wedged into some folded lawn chairs and was stuck... I picked her up, no blood, she was ok, just very frightened. I looked for the other three. Newbie and Sue-ez had flown away but had quickly returned to the railing, they were ok too.
. . BABY Khufu however, was nowhere to be found. It appeared that the hawk had snatched him right off the railing and flew away with him. Over and over we searched everywhere, all the tiny hiding places, etc... and searched the neighbors yards. Khufu had vanished. We searched and searched for 3 hours. . . . . Khufu had been having so much fun, flying repeatedly to my arm, shoulder, and head... I love that little bird. Now it was clear that he was gone. I gave up the search and sat on the couch and cried...
. . But then, more than 3 hours later, Karen discovered Sue-ez (Khufu's mother) sitting on the playhouse in the far back of the yard, with another bird... I ran out and yes, it was Khufu, looking as good as usual.
. . Apparently Khufu DID fly away, far away? but even at 7 weeks old he managed to find his way back home. Khufu followed me to the deck, then onto my arm and we went inside and I hugged him for a long time . . He/She's fine ~:<)
 . It appears that the white Homer, 2.5, had been the target, but 2.5 has been attacked many times and is experienced at not getting killed.
. .
Just two weeks earlier the same happened but we were not home to witness it... baby Khufu was hiding in a window well and the others were gone. Sue-ez eventually returned an hour later, but Cleopatra did not... That's when I lost my sweet loving Cleopatra Egyptian Swift.
C:\Personal PICS AND VIDS +2000\-J Pics 2016\160726 2731 Pigeons Egyptian Swift Cleopatra Suez Khufu Tuna Cat
Pic = 160726e Sue-ez, Khufu, Cleopatra, Newbie
Pic = 141111c Cleo


Almelund Thrashing Show, Flea Market with Simon PIgeon..

An annual family event, ... Threshing show, Booth at the Flea Market.
Simon loves adventure of any kind. He's such a great traveler, never complains about anything, always enjoys himself ~:<)

 Simon Pigeon wanted to see everything (except fleas)

 Simon was the most expensive item at the Flea Market (Nobody offered).

 Everyone wants to pet Simon. ... Got petted about every 10 minutes for 2 days.... was in many selfie photos too.

 Simon had to check out the 7 rows of tractors. He found a red one he liked.

Simon complained that there was no toilet paper.

 He looked and looked, ... ... there were no trains ~:<(

 Simon was hoping his favorite red tractor would win the tractor pulling contest ~:<)

Simon wanted a drink of water.. Didn't know which valve to open.

 Simon says..... he could fly faster than this 1921 Ford Model-T Touring
(I had one identical to this 1921 Model-T except mine was nice and shiny).

 Simon was SURE he could escape from this jail.

 Simons favorite red tractor, ... a Cockshutt.

 Simon checks out a school bus from early 1900's

 He checked out all the equipment, ... many questions ~:<)

 Near the end of the day Simon needed to sit for a while.

 Simon got SOOooooooooooo many hugs from strangers over the weekend. ... little kids just couldn't resist petting Simon. Everyone wanted selfies while holding Simon ~:<)

 Finally at the end of the day, time to relax.
Simon loves Van Camping too. .
Next day when we got home, Simon took an all day nap ~:<)

Simon thought maybe Dean Haehnel could use this for his boat ? ... ... ~:<)