Picture Perfect - Pleasantville - snoring

A Busy day in a small town.
In order for the above picture to make more sense... here's another picture of the same scene.
This is Bayfield Wisconsin on Lake Superior near my fruit farm and cabin. A quaint pleasant little fishing village which is now mostly a tourist town. It's a very picturesque setting so a lot of artists make their home here. The 22 uninhabited Apostle Islands are a good place to take a vacation or to just visit or to go boating... lots of sailboats and rental.

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Beer drinking & grape sucking Chickens.

This Chicken loves beer (It’s a Pre-marinated Chicken). All brands of beer, no preference. It’s really hard to tell when a Chicken is drunk.
The scene is A family BBQ at Ace’s daughter Katie’s house, they have exotic Chickens too (Notice beer poured from can).
(2nd video is Transylvanian Naked Neck grape sucking Chicken).

Watch the grape go down it's neck. Video of a grape-sucking Transylvania-Naked-Neck Chicken… Also a Chicken-soccer game. Chickens love grapes.  (Yes it’s a real breed)= Transylvanian Naked Neck

                                 Grandmother Larson was there too.  

A Black Silkie

This is EngleBird.

                     Pretty birds, eh?