Picture Perfect #4 - Tough as . . . a Chicken,. . .1st Place photo winner, Thanks everyone.

No, I’m not joking…. This is a picture of "Tough"…. It’s all a matter of attitude, and Bert has lots of that. (1st place Picture Perfect #4 - Tough)
Bert doesn’t seem to notice the size difference between himself and any other living creature. He is totally fearless, confident, persistent… and cannot be intimidated. His beak is like a hardened metal vice-grip pliers and can easily draw blood. He knows he has long spurs that are needle sharp and he is very willing to use them.

After getting pecked at… Ace decided "thats enough" and pushed Bert back in the coop. WOW did that light his fire. You don’t shove Bert! Just like a crazed fearless animal, Bert charged with a flying leap and dug his spurs into Ace’s arm. Ace tossed him back, but again he reared up and charged.. spurs into the arm, blood everywhere. Ace tossed him back yet again, this time he LEAPED right out of the coop at Ace , attacked on the arm again, Jab jab jab blood blood blood.
…..Now they're on the floor wrestling, jab jab jab, peck peck peck blood blood. Ace managed to reach up and grab him enough (Wings flapping.. peck peck squawk jab jab squawk) to throw him back into the coop and slam the door. Whew!!! After all the feathers had settled to the floor, Ace cracked open the door. WHAM Bert attacks again. That ain't no Chicken... kinda like alligator wrestling.

BUT... all the rest of the time, Bert is a gentleman and Ace and Bert are good buddies. When sitting outside on the bench, Bert and the other Chickens jump up on Ace’s lap and let him pet them.

- - - - - - THANKS everyone, for making this Picture-Perfect 1st place... I'm so pleased (Ace) that others like this picture, because I really do love Bert and he loves me. He has taught me a lot. He's such a character, a gentleman, and such a pleasure to have around (the hens too).  He is quite macho, but he does love it when I hug him. He just won't admit it.
Note: check out BERTS 24/7 LIVE CHICKEN CAM (you control cam) OR For more info on Bert and the Hens, and Pigeons, and Doves, etc Click here then scroll down to "Tags" then click on tag=Bert (or tag=Chickens, or Spot or Dove, Velcro, Pigeon, etc)