She picked out all the red Lucky-Charms hearts and handed them to me.

So I sit at my computer munching on various (dry) breakfast cereals one piece at a time from a hand full. Spot, the 100% pure white Dove always lands on my hand to see what I’m eating, if she likes it she steals some (WHOooo HOooOoo she says). 

Today, Valentines Day, I was eating "Lucky Charms" and she came and picked out ALL the little red marshmallow hearts and held them up for me to take (they were too big for her to eat)..until all the red hearts were gone. Isn’t she sweet? (Repost from 2 yrs ago)

She helps me type... and is not a very good speller.
For more about sweet gentle Doves, Click here
Spot always has to check out what I'm eating or drinking.


Ski jumping is for Chickens

Sochi Olympics spectators cheer as Bert sets a world ski jumping record.

As he leaves the jump, Bert takes advantage of his physical attributes to soar far beyond the second place jumper.
Other Olympic contestants cried fowl but Officials said they could find nothing in the rules that would keep Bert from claiming the First Place title (No artificial enhancements allowed).
Bert was quoted as saying "I could have gone much farther, but at the end of the landing area there was a KFC restaurant".