Don’t you wish you could do this? Do what she does and you can.

Getting off the ground seems to be the hard part (Isn’t that true for all of us?) but once underway with forward speed it seems easier. . . . . . . But it still makes flying look like a lot of work.
Velcro makes a "clapping" noise while flying and I’ve always wondered why (seems inefficient), so with slow motion video I studied her flight. Now I can see why.  It’s going to be very difficult to teach her not to do that (wastes energy). I tried to tell her but she doesn’t listen.
First in Slow Motion, then regular speed. 



Picture Perfect - Inseparably entwined - Velcro and 2.5

I have never seen two creatures (including humans) more in LOVE than these two...Inseparably entwined.  My friends and companions are 2.5 and Velcro (2.5 is a Homer, Velcro is a Voorburg Shield Cropper, and "sticks" to me).
If separated, they are desperate to get back together again. They "cry", pace, flit about... etc... and are not content until reunited.  It's a joy to see the extreme love they have for each other.  
Velcro has had several near-death experiences and during that time, 2.5 was a basket case... extremely depressed and despondent, even lost weight. 
2.5 even saved Velcro's life a few times.  Bird rescues another bird.
And when Velcro was MISSING,
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