Picture Perfect - Steel and Glass - Light Bulbs

These are not ordinary light bulbs and this is not a static sculpture.  It's one of many pieces of art at an all night art show  (8pm to 7am) covering the entire Twin Cities. Most of the artwork required darkness to be seen. This sculpture performs in a most unusual and surprising way (Not part of PP, but see video below).

                                ----------  PP stops here. --------
 The above photo makes little sense without the supporting photos and video below.
At night the lights blink in a surprising manner.

This is what it looks like when you spin the camera.  The dotted lines reveal that the bulbs are actually LEDs.

There are MANY other strange and interesting exhibits.

Near the end of the 50 second video reveals what these lights do.  Notice the lights blinking. They are not blinking in a random manner.  "You cannot see the forest for the trees".