Second time in a few weeks, Tornado and 80+ Mph winds thru my farm

The pic is of the first tornado... my neighbors on both sides had serious damage, I escaped with almost no damage, Now today an even worse storm in same area, Everyone lost trees, cars, tractors, roofs, shingles, etc. So Tomorrow We're again going north to the farm to check for damage.
Picture is of my old farmhouse I sold on the property next to my farm, right after the last tornado a few weeks ago. It got hit hard. The wind blew many of the window out, this one the frame and all, notice the glass is not broken, thousands of trees down. Everyone had some damage (I only lost one large tree, pole barn and cabin ok). Another neighbor lost his beautiful 100 year old barn and other buildings, scattered over 1/4 mile.
Both times they mentioned on TV news the extensive damage in the city where my farm is. So Tomorrow I'll head  up N with a chainsaw, then I'll know if my pole barn and cabin are still there ? ?  Pics to follow.