Our potholes are bigger than your potholes (Minnesota).

A nearby resident heard the noise about noon, and went out to investigate. The authorities got there in time to prevent any mishaps.

We've had 3 times more rain than usual for the month of May.

   There's a culvert under the road that had developed a leak and the water sucked all the soil down stream causing a cavity which then collapsed.
  My daughter lives just a mile away and took the top photo, I took the bottom photo



This is my Chicken Helper, in charge of the Skill saw. Truffles,.. a 3 yr old Polish Buff Lace.  She prefers human company. She is constantly underfoot.. I have to keep lifting her aside and be careful when I walk. She thinks she's a human.  Loves to ride in the car and sing.  ----->   Truffles sings Opera    Her voice is raspy and squawky (and loud).

I was laying down working on something and she hops on top of me... I stand up and she tries to stay on me... fluttering while I'm standing up and she is then on my shoulder.

. . .
One of my Pigeons, Velcro... can also often be found climbing on my bench and tools... in my way.