Fast Flying Turkey flies into windshield at 55mph.

You wouldn't think feathers could do so much damage.

Just as we were about to cross over a bridge/river 55mph pulling our camper when a turkey flew up from tall grass...saw him about 1/30th of a second 6" before impact, could not avoid. Glass exploded into the van covering everything. Looked down to see blood on both arms. All things considered we were lucky. Couldn't swerve or we would have ended up in the river. With difficulty seeing, drove back home to TC's from Wisconsin. Was afraid the windshield would totally fall out into our laps but we made it home. 
Two inches lower and I would have had a 55mph glass covered 22# Turkey in my face with glass in my eyes.

I looked down and was bleeding from both arms. After, when we cleaned up, I washed my arms several times but always found more bits of glass.

I couldn't move until I removed all the glass from my lap, the seat between my legs and on the sides or I would have been cut to shreds.

This is how we drove the last 40 miles home. Wanted to make it before dark. With the wind blast from each oncoming vehicle, bits of glass would fall on the dashboard.

At least WE did better than SHE did. So Sad. The other Turkey missed us but was in the woods calling for his partner... so sad.


Actually, I thought this was kind of pretty...artwork by nature???
. . The Insurance Co replaced the windshield the next day;


Picture Perfect - Shiny - LightBulbs

A artwork of light bulbs being Shiny... hooked up to a computer and a video camera. From a long way away, the light bulbs look like a black and white TV image displaying whatever the video camera captures.  High-tech artwork.
    It's worthwhile to click on the link below to have it make more sense.

For a VIDEO of the array of light bulbs displaying an image, click on  Art Work Light Bulbs.


When Clarence stepped off the ladder, he had no idea how much that would affect the rest of his day.

This is a few hundred feet in the air.  Maybe they should have just used a taller ladder ??

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
A construction project at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis MN.
WHO knows why they chose a ladder to hang in mid air ? 


120603 Grand Old Day

Some indisputable evidence that many people are having grand fun... 2 miles (each way) of fun at St Paul MN "Grand Old Day" on Grand Avenue.   This picture gives you an idea of the Mood.  

These are a tiny portion of the people out having fun.  The city changed all the traffic lights to Green (go Go GO) and no red lights (Stop) ... well, this just wasn't a red light district I guess.
Many live... Very live lively bands and street musicians, magicians, etc, hundreds of vendor booths selling a great assortment of things including delicious food and drink... and mingling with 250,000 people in serious party mood. There's something for everyone here.

 AND of course with that much liquid being consumed, there were hundreds of these little green houses.