Building that defies gravity... Guthrie

Actually it defies many things... once inside there are many structural optical illusions, difficult to photograph., Odd colored glass partitions and windows, mirrored walls,  Small hallway with 4 story ceiling, etc...What's real? what's an illusion.
It's the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.... built on the side of a steep hill.  

OK so I photoshopped it a bit. The real photo is next, showing bridge to nowhere. 

Balcony at the end of the Bridge to nowhere. Mississippi river in background.

With special surface coating on the building, the reflection of clouds on the building reveal the actual constellations in the sky.

The Yellow Observation room near the top of the building

View from windows on the Bridge.

VIP event - Ameriprise



Add "Natural" privacy to existing fence, very inexpensive (Poll).

Do you think this is an improvement? or not?

I like it a lot

Pretty good


Don't like it

My neighbor behind me cleared out most of a beautiful woodsy buffer on the other side of my fence. Before, I could not see his house at all.  Now it's somewhat visible (Until I added fake branches).  I like a view, but NOT of his house.

So... I fastened some heavy duty lattice to the fence with wire and bought a fake Christmas tree (1) from the thrift store ($12) and hung the fake branches on the lattice. Depending on spacing you can make it more or less dense and totally block the view if you want, or only somewhat blocked for more breeze.
 . . You can use the 4x8 sheets vertical (8'), or cut them to 4x6 (6' Hi). or simply hang the branches on the fence itself (4').

Simply bend the metal end of the fake branches to form a hook, and hang them on the lattice.... needs no further fastening.

Some other areas of the fence.


Automatic Continuous ICE WATER for your pet.

I just made this, for my overheated Chickens (make larger for cats or dogs).  They had a tough day yesterday (112 heat index).
If you can find a wide-mouth pet waterer you can use that. Otherwise you can easily make one in just minutes (see last photo).

1) FILL the container with ice cubes, NO WATER. 2) Assemble. 3) Cover the container with insulation (Old sock shown).. or wrap with towels and secure. Keep it out of sun.
IT SHOULD last for several hours or much longer with more insulation. (will let you know, haven't tried it yet).
. . .
IF they don't drink it fast enough, it will eventually all get warm. Or you can drill a very tiny hole or notch in the bowl just below water level so there will be a continuous flow of cold water.
(LATER - UPDATE) - The ice in this very small one lasted 4-1/2 hours...stayed cool another 1/2 hour. A one gallon sized container should last 6-8 hours or more...??

(Photo below) Use any wide-mouth sealable container of any size (fairly rigid plastic).  Drill 1/4" hole on side of container 1" from the top. 1" will be the ice water depth, or 2", or 1/2".  Drill location of hole depending on the pet size.
Fill with ice cubes (NO water, water melts the ice cubes faster). Invert container into a large pan. The ice will melt and discharge ice water for HOURS for your pet. Wrap the container in insulation (or a towel, or ??) to make the ice last longer.  Depending on your pet, you may have to secure the container so they won't knock it over... a bungee cord around the container AND pan should do the job.     
IF they don't drink it fast enough, it will eventually all get warm. Or you can cut a small notch or hole in the pan 1/8" below the water level so there will be a continuous flow of cold water in. . . . and the surplus water out at the same rate as the ice melts.