Never search for a huge twisty tie again.

You probably already have a gigantic supply of over sized Twisty Ties around the house.
Any solid-core wire or anything similar. Cut desired length (a foot?), use as is (Stronger), or separate the 3 wires (still quite strong).   Instead of twisting the ends, if you make a slight hook at the end you can use one indefinitely (see pic).  And of course, if you form a hook, you can hang it up.

Strong enough to hang up Garden hose too. 

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There is nothing cooler than Bert's hat.

It's cool in so many ways ~:<)

I wear many hats. I have solar powered fan hats, Umbrella hats, mesh hats, etc, but none is as cool as this hat.  No wonder they used these Pith hats/Helmet (Safari hats) in the jungle. I found 2 of these hats, in thrift shops... a few bucks. 
Surprisingly, I get lots of very nice comments on it.
Ideal for those 100 degree days with high humidity...the air goes thru the hat as if not wearing a hat at all.  Google "Pith Helmet"..... $6 to $40.

With Mosquito netting

With rain cover (Kitchen bowl cover).

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