I took my vintage tractor to an Old Time Threshing show

Guess which one is mine ?

It's a 1974 electric, very rare...will run for 25-30 miles on a single charge.


I'm posting this just because I like it.

Arson fire across the street, an angry man.

At 5:00am the neighborhood was awakened by two fire engines and four police cars (more came later). They remained there most of the day collecting evidence.
Someone poured an accelerant under the deck along the foundation. ON the deck directly above the fire was a LP BBQ grill and a spare full tank of LP.  The wheels on the BBQ grill were completely burned away... and the deck begin to burn. Other things stored under the deck were also burning, There were 3 mowers stored there with full gas tanks. The basement window broke from the heat. The metal siding was badly scorched.  In just a few more minutes it would have been too late.
. . While the family of 5 was sleeping, a neighbor noticed the flames and called the fire department...arrived in less than 2 minutes. Good thing because in 2 more minutes the LP tanks would have exploded, the baby sleeping on the other side of the wall would have certainly been instantly killed.

.. The reason the fire department got there so quickly is because a few minutes earlier they had been called to put out a pile of clothes and a bottle burning in a yard at a nearby house. When they got this call, they just drove around the block.

. . It seems that whoever set the fire caught his own clothes on fire and ran a short distance then peeled his clothes off and ran.
The Arsonist -
My neighbor across the street has a 19yr old family-friend renter. The renter has an ex-friend nobody likes. The next day the renter called that ex-friend, traced him to the hospital with burns.  The Police are on it.



You: - What did you do on your last birthday? Me: - Why do you think it was my last birthday?


The Mother of all Mothers (True story) This is so sweet... get some Kleenex ready

This beautiful PBS video story is a must-see, for everyone, and kids will love it too.

I also have a white Silkie (Shmoo) who is the best mother in the world (All Silkies are). For months she faithfully sat on eggs (which I collected). She sat for an entire summer desperate to be a mommy. I brought home two tiny black baby Silkies and Silkie Shmoo got SOOOOOoooooo excited she scooped them up under her wings (Pic) and was the most proud mommy in the world. She thought they were hers, finally hatched.  Their tiny little black heads popping up thru her white feathers from her wing pits.


The pic is Shmoo Silkie and her chick Shadow under her wing (now grown up). Shadow follows me around, like a shadow.

Apple River Tubing - Osceola Wis

Apple River tubing - 90 degrees. 3 hr trip, slow at first then shooting the rapids, hitting a few rocks from time to time. My waterproof VidCam, saw some fish.

The Ideal Charcoal container, a Milk Bucket

This makes a great indestructible container for .....
Charcoal. Seal up the 4 spouts on the cover with Silicone sealer.

I got mine at a flea market. The best highly fashionable charcoal container you will ever find. Indestructible and lasts forever. http://www.ebay.com/sch/sis.html?_nkw=OLD-SURGE-MILKER-BUCKET-SEAMED-COW-GOAT-MILKING-MACHINE-MILK-NOT-SAFE-USE-


INside a gigantic Balloon, 2012 Minnesota State Fair

A HUGE balloon (150') you can walk inside, named Mirazozo.

Inside a huge 150' balloon. Also other attractions at the MN State Fair. The fairground is over 250 acres, one mile N to S, and the midway is 22+ acres.