Leaf picker-upper, Silly but works slick.

FOUR years ago, I bought this at a thrift store for $2. It looked so silly I never even tried it. BUT a few days ago I had a gigantic pile of leaves to stuff in bags and just for kicks I tried it. I WAS AMAZED at how good it worked and so very simple and easy... and exceedingly fast. 
...It's called a "Garden Grabber", by Grabber International, 15 Lesmill Rd #8, Don Mills Onterio Canada. Model M3B-2T3
BTW it works good on mulched leaves too...
use it to feed a Chipper/Shredder... super fast.

Sometimes it's better to give help instead of advice.

"MR STUDLY" is Simon's new nickname.

"MR STUDLY" is Simon's new nickname. After 2 years of being rejected and physically attacked by the two female lesbian Pigeons, ... the female Homer Pigeon, 2.5, allowed Simon to mate with her, but only for 17 nano seconds. Unlikely there will be any Simonettes.

Please excuse my typos, holding a very persistent pet Pigeon (Simon)

Please excuse my typos and howslow I type... I'm typing with one hand brcause I seem to be perpetually holding a very persistent pet Pigeon (Simon) who continuously wants to br held amd cuddled and will not give up until he's sleepin cradled in my hand against mt chest.... then he purrs like a kitten (more like grunting sounds)... a very content bird.

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