Simon demands to be cuddled.

When I sit in the recliner, Simon rides up on my toe while I tilt back. Then he walks up my leg to take a nap under my chin.  He insists that I keep BOTH hands on him cuddling him. He communicates very well.
 If I move my hand away he stares at it demanding I return it (How dare you to move your hand away).

When  I put both hands around him, then he's happy again... falls asleep.
He does this every time...


How to dry a wet Pigeon

I ran to the deck to rescue Simon when a sudden downpour occurred. I found him taking a bath instead. But, not being a duck, he soaks up water and gets so saturated and heavy he can't walk without falling over.
He was shivering and freezing.
1st - a bath with soap and warm water.
2nd -  paper towels to get 90% of the water removed (better than a real towel).

3rd - I hold him for 45 minutes while using a hair dryer. He's always very cooperative.

4th - Nice and dry and brilliant white and fluffy. 

Simon gets so much petting by people and children, and they don't always have clean hands... so he gets dirty eventually.  He takes baths by himself, but somehow never manages to get totally clean (no soap). So, 2 or 3 times a year I give him a real bath.


They think they are telling the truth based on facts

It always amazes me when people think their version of the truth is the only possible truth (after extensive research? from reliable? sources finding the "real" truth? truth that THEY are already predisposed to agree with).
... Even worse when they think they MUST explain it to you because you "just don't understand" and you need to be educated by them. Grrrrrr.
... In their defense though, they're not really lying, ... they really believe in their facts whether their facts are true or not.

HE KNOWS... How does he know?

HE KNOWS... When Simon Pigeon thinks he's coming with to ride in the car, he often waits by the door. When he knows he's NOT coming with, he goes and sits in a corner somewhere. HOW does he know the difference ?