Plastic bottle re-use. Helpful Hint.

Plastic bottle re-use.
Press down and use it as a "Dust Pan-scoop" to get into corners,
Squeeze it to use it as a funnel, or
Or, use the other end (top) as an ordinary funnel

Very handy (and cheap). I use one for filling small containers with Pigeon or Chicken seed

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Better than the real thing - FIreworks

Fireworks with my Canon point n shoot... Pics were disappointing because of extended exposure, but... I kinda like these pics better than the real fireworks. Some interesting unexpected artistic effects. 
This was at the 2014 Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration.

Amazing difference in achieving success.

Amazing difference in achieving success.
At the Washington County Fair Pulling contest, the team pictured on the left could not get their act together. . .When the Left (L) one pulled, the Right (R) one didn't... they did not work well together and only pulled a very light load one foot eight inches, very poor performance.
BUT ... ... ... When the other team pulled, the Left (L) and the Right (R) both worked together smoothly as a team and easily pulled a much MUCH heavier load with ease and great success and was a winning team.
. . . . Too bad the (L) and (R) in our government can't do the same and be a team. I guess horses are smarter than politicians

Yes, More flower pictures Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Yes, More flower pictures ... Many-most I never knew existed.  (58 photos)
A TINY portion of the beautiful flowers at the Minnesota Arboretum. Millions more just waiting to be photographed. We spent a day there but nowhere near enough time. — at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.