141031 It was exactly (to the minute) 37 years ago today when I first met my lovely wife. ... 37 Halloweens ago.  This photo was this spring at Mall of America.


Golden Sunset above Harris farmhouse.

Saw this above my farm, jumped into my truck and drove out into the field to take this picture of the house. Just a few minutes later it was gone (not the house).
(Untouched photo... the way it was).


141021 Martha on cliff Bayfield

Martha Mutt. I just love this pic of my sweet Martha from decades ago. She was the ideal dog, so smart and clever.
Picture is on Stockton Island overlooking Presque Isle Bay, Apostle Islands, Lake Superior.


141019 Orbs with flash.
These pics were taken seconds apart, 1st with no flash, 2nd with flash... dust floating by.
I see the same inside the Chicken coop. Natural light, no dust orbs, with infra-red nite lite (simulates a flash) TONS of dust orbs. And we don't see it, but we breathe all this dust all day every day.
(Some serious remodeling at my Daughters house).


Bert Made This.

Bayfield looking down driveway

Looking down my driveway (right of center) at my Bayfield Wisconsin Fruit Farm last weekend.
Whatever I eat or drink, Simon always wants to sample it. He didn't like it (It's an alcoholic drink). He likes wine better.

"Contraposition at Dawn"

One of Berts early art works from 2006

con·tra·po·si·tion definition
noun: contraposition; plural noun: contrapositions

"Contraposition at Dawn"
conversion of a proposition from all A is B to all not-B is not-A.
mid 16th century: from late Latin contrapositio(n-), from the verb contraponere, from contra- ‘against’ + ponere ‘to place.’
Translate contraposition to
Use over time for: contraposition


Chicks with headbands

 Chicks with headbands... Olivia Newton Chicken, and Karen.
Sophia (Polish white) couldn't even see well enough to find food on the ground. Solution = Headband. It works, Now she even does some flying, and she can now find her way to the coop at night instead of bedding down where ever she happened to be at dusk.
. . Her feathers are so very very fine and brilliant white, unbelievably soft... you can't even tell when your hands are touching her feathers.



"The Point" - Central MN Tiny Cabin built 1995.

 The sole purpose of this 10x12 + loft (no permit required) Tiny Cabin is to provide year-round shelter, comfort and convenience not afforded by a tent (we used to tent "Camp" there)... It "could" be lived in ... we can stay there for weeks, winter and summer even at 25 degrees below zero. It's located by the creek on my Minnesota farm, 1/4 mile road down the hill from my Pole Barn to the cabin. We drive down in summer, snowshoe or snowmobile in winter. The cabin is located on a 2 acre wooded island / peninsula (a "Point"), surrounded by water except for the driveway, and the creek is right in front of the cabin. With the wrap-around windows there's a good view from the cabin, hundreds of feet up and down and across the creek. It's so isolated, even my neighbors don't know it's there. Once a deer walked by within 2' of the cabin, didn't see us ... lots of deer, geese, ducks, herons, cranes, otter, turkeys, pheasants, coyote, etc.

We buried (30" deep)  #6 wire from the pole barn to the cabin. It has a inside well and hand pump, but no plumbing. The cabin foundation is of 12"x12" creosote timbers from a railroad bridge.
. . The gambrel roof makes the cabin and the loft, with plenty of headroom and a queen sized bed, feel fairly spacious for it's small size.The wrap-around thermopane windows around the entire front also adds to the spacious feeling. The loft and lower windows all tilt inward from the bottom so give good ventilation even during rain. It has a 30,000 btu mobile home furnace. All the lower windows are shuttered with no glass exposed when we're not there. The front shutters bi-fold at an angle so do not block the view when opened.
The "kitchen" is like a closet, with bi-fold doors to conceal it. The swing-up stair allows unobstructed full use of the entire main floor during the day.
A couch provides additional sleeping if desired.

Sometimes we have to dig it out (The back door has a "porch").
Looking down the road back toward the Pole Barn.  

There was a pair of them for 2 hours, just 50' in front of the cabin. 

Simon Loves to be at the cabin.
The road off of the island, back to the pole barn.

Electrical trench from pole barn to cabin ... 30" deep, #6 wire.
View of road to pole barn, from cabin window. Sometimes we ski or snowshoe pulling toboggans, sometime snowmobile. The snowmobile makes a hard packed trail like a sidewalk by the next day.

It's very peaceful there... very very isolated but just 50 minutes from St Paul. Even my neighbors don't know I have this cabin here.