When Simon Pigeon saw his tree, he was SOooo anxious to open his presents.


Bald Eagle breaks record... Sits in same tree for 137 years without moving.

141227 (NE of St Paul MN about 25 miles).
 S of Lindstrom MN Eagle in dead tree.

Pic = 141224 S of Lindstrom Eagle in lone tree in field.JPG
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Grocery store prices have gone up since 1937

My parents bought a grocery store in 1937.
Prices have gone up a bit since then.

141229 Biolite Camp Stove

141229 Biolite Camp Stove
I finally got to try my Christmas Camp Stove. ... Report.
Works as advertised. Boiled water quickly.
The blower really does produce a very hot flame.
Finger to thumb size sticks burn longer than twigs.
The outside does not get very hot... can touch?
The blue device is MY Volt/Amperage meter plugged into the USB port... it works.
Cools fast and is easy to clean.
The outside Stays totally clean.

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FB Link = https://www.facebook.com/BertTheMensaChicken/posts/10152903566265295

They take 40.1 MPH very serious in Minneapolis Minnesota


Have you ever heard a Pigeon swear?
.. (10 sec vid)
Simon will never get used to this... ... ... every time the same.