Lose a contact lens? A tiny screw? Anything small?

Lose a contact lens? A tiny screw? Anything small?
This is a fairly foolproof way of quickly finding anything small on a floor, ever many feet away.
>First pic sees nothing.
>Second pic sees a BB.

Pic = 151222a & b
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Dear Newspaper Company, newspaper in Snow Blower.

151230 Dear Newspaper Company.
One more reason you are going out of business and being replaced by  Internet news.
Please do NOT throw the newspaper in the driveway.
1) Especially when it snows and there is no clue where or IF a newspaper is there.  It takes considerable time and effort, sometimes with a chisel and hammer and frozen hands, to remove a newspaper from the snow blower, and then also replacing the shear pin.
2) A paper laying in the driveway can signal burglars that no one is home, a prime target for theft. I then blame the NEWSPAPER company for the theft.

 Neighbor Rons snow blower.

My Snow blower, paper stuck in chute.

Pic - Rons snowblower newspaper
K:\Personal PICS AND VIDS +2000\-D Pics 2010\101211 2731 Snowstorm
Pic -My snowblower newspaper. ... ... 101211aq 2731 NeighborRon NewspaperStuckInSnowblower.jpg
C:\Personal PICS AND VIDS +2000\-I Pics 2015\151229 2731 Newspaper in Snowblower ... ... 151229b 2731 Newspaper in Snowblower.jpg


Simon was a feisty fighter. Mirror.

Simon was a feisty fighter. 
When Simon Pigeon first came to our house, he was tame, but not "affectionate".
I called him Mr Macho, because he did not care to be touched and would peck and hit when you tried to pet him. 
As he aged, at about 13yo he slowly lost the ability to do any serious flying (only downhill) so we let him live in the house permanently.  Then one day he stood and stared into my eyes and everything changed. He suddenly became lovey and affectionate.


The 42nd time to put up this REAL Christmas tree

151211 REcycle... save a tree ~:<)
The 42nd time to put up this REAL Christmas tree one more time. Sure some of the needle are gone, but it still looks beautiful... saves space, saves a natural tree, and ... the rest of the year it's a coat rack.

First cut on my back 40 acres in Harris MN.

This year I added a new ornament.

061204 2731 ChristmasTreeCoatRack.JPG
151211 2731 Xmas tree with Chicken on top.jpg
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New furnace and A/C, Simon PIgeon inspects

151123 New furnace and A/C
Simon Pigeon just HAD to inspect our brand new furnace and A/C.
. . The A/C works great... it's really cold.
(Furnace works great too).

Pics 151120ma 2731 Pigeon New furnace installed Simon.JPG
151120t 2731 New furnace AC installed Pigeon Simon.JPG
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Velcro hanging upside down, injured

I was sure she was dead.... eyes closed, she looked so very very dead. 

It was a bit later than usual when I went out to close up the Chickens, in the thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. Everyone was there except for my sweet Velcro Pigeon. She would never stay out on purpose so I feared the worst. This is my prize pigeon, my friend, my companion, my treasure…we’ve been thru a lot together... she has nine lives it seems (she's already used up 4).  With flashlight I looked everywhere, several times, no sign of her. I was about to give up and hoped she might return the next morning. Then, for no good reason, I shined the light at the top vent in back of the aviary and to my amazement, there she was, hanging upside down by her leg, looking so very very very dead, I was sure she was dead.

I grabbed a ladder and with the light in one hand and rain pouring down… then I saw her blink so I knew she had a chance to live but a very short time longer and she would have died. I think she was there for a few hours. I lifted her limp body and was attempting to free her foot when the ladder started to sink in the mud and tip over in the wet soil. I was afraid if I dropped her, her leg would twist and break... the ladder was tipping over. The hole was small and I could not reach past her to free her leg. The ladder kept tilting further so I quickly pushed her back into the vent without freeing her leg and hoped for the best. Success, when she fell inside (just a 4" drop to the nest roof) her leg was freed.
 PIC Stuck here = 100527eda 2731 Aviary Vent Velcro Injured-leg 2731.jpg

I ran inside the aviary and she was laying on the nest roof, eyes closed, exhausted and not moving, near death. Her leg did not appear to be broken but she was nearly unconscious. I held her in my arms on the couch and she promptly fell sound asleep... or ... was she dying?  I held her for hours and hours, hoping she’d survive.

WHY? Did she go out the vent ? It seemed strange, she never had before and the door was wide open anyway. But the next night, our Tuna cat desperately wanted to go outside, so we let him. It was because there was a neighborhood cat returned to the scene of the crime. Velcro had managed to escape, but got trapped upside down. Tuna promptly chased him away. Tuna pays no attention to the pigeons, chickens, or Doves, ignores them, but doesn’t like stray cats.

The next morning Velcro’s leg was badly swollen and getting worse so I took her to the vet. The Vet said she would likely lose her leg, it was totally limp and no control or sensation at all... nerve damage?  But she gave Velcro an exam and an x-ray. There were no fractures so then the vet said there was a 75% chance she'd lose her leg. By then I was so upset, the vet hugged me to comfort me.

The next day Velcro showed signs of being able to control her leg just a little bit, but not her toes (dangling) so there was a bit of hope. When she walked she’d fall on her face. By that evening she was able to use her leg just a little bit for support and could limp with difficulty. By the third day her leg had much improved and she seemed to be able to control her front toes just a little bit. By evening, she could sorta walk but with a very severe limp, NO pressure on her toes and foot. While recovering, she spent many many hours sleeping in my arms.
PIC in my arms = 100526ck 2731 VelcroSleeping Injured-Leg Les.jpg

Her life partner, 2.5 the Homer pigeon, was so very upset, frantic, and desperate to see Velcro… she didn’t know what to do, cooing loudly and pacing. She seemed to know that Velcro was in trouble. When I put Velcro’s cage on the deck, 2.5 immediately flew up from the aviary to be with Velcro.
 100526aq 2731 VelcroInjuredLegTravelCage 2.5pecking &Velcro.avi

Later I put Velcro in the house and before I could close the door, 2.5 had flown in to be near Velcro. The bond between those two birds is so amazing, so complete…. They truly love each other so very much.
VIDEO Limping= 1000527aa 2731 2.5 in house near Velcro-legInjury Limping.avi

The forth day Velcro was doing so much better I decided she could be free inside the aviary to be with her lover 2.5. For the entire day, they hugged and kissed and coo’ed and coo’ed.

The 5th day she still limped badly, but it seemed she would be able to be free and lead a mostly normal life so I let them both outside. It was a pleasure to see their happiness. They were jubilant to be together again, much hugging and kissing. They flew around the neighborhood so happy to be reunited and free to fly. Velcro was still limping badly but otherwise seemed in pretty good shape.

This is such a sweet video.

BUT THEN that evening, I went to the aviary late in the day.  I noticed Velcro laying a very large pool of blood. Velcro was laying on the aviary platform instead of up high by the nest. She seemed to be bleeding to death and hadn’t the strength to get up to the nest, SO much blood lost. She was covered in blood and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I finally discovered that she had NO control of her back toe and had been walking with her toe folded under her foot all day and the knuckle was bleeding badly. I cleaned her up some and got the bleeding to stop. . We taped a cotton ball on her foot to restrict movement and protect the wound. Afraid it may start bleeding again, I held her in my arms for many hours again and she slept soundly. I was hoping she hadn’t lost TOO much blood, and that it wasn’t too late.

The next morning we made a splint… a cast… of styrofoam and gauze patches, carved with deep grooves to keep all her toes in place.

PIC me holding Velcro=  100531ba 2731 Velcro injured-Leg splint.jpg
100531fp 2731 AviaryCage VelcroSplint Closeup.avi

I’m hoping that when we remove it tomorrow (Fri) that her back toe stays in the right position… then maybe… a day in the aviary and if that’s successful, then Saturday she and 2.5 can be free to fly together again. I’m hoping.

 = = = = = = =    UPDATE 6/4/10 9:30pm. The day started out great. Removed the splint and Velcro was in good spirits and walking pretty good with a limp, but with all her toes where they should be. I let her loose in the aviary and watched her close for many hours and it looked very promising. Her back toe was always straight behind her... all day long. She doesn't have perfect control of her leg yet so stumbles occasionally but overall, doing quite nicely.
BUT by evening, she was walking with her back toe under her foot again so we immediately put the splint back on and confined her to a cage. Will check again in a few days, but I fear it means she cannot control it at all? ? ? then her back toe may have to be amputated ???
...Another potential problem. Her leg is still quite swollen and feels hot to the touch, she gets daily medication for it.  I was hoping it would be normal by now. Also her digestive system is not right. Pigeon droppings should contain no liquid, but hers does, quite a lot. That means all is not well, but maybe that's to be expected under the circumstances... lots of stress. Otherwise, she seems healthy, alert and happy.

UPDATE 6/11/2010 12 noon, Doing well except that she still has almost no control of her toes. The problem is that her rear toe folds under her foot then she walks on it and it bleeds. The splint prevents that but if she's to get control back, her toes need exercise. I'm taking her back to the vet this afternoon for some advice and more pain medication. I'm still keeping her confined in my office. She just now managed to land on my arm.

GOOD NEWS update 7/9/2010 - Success. Almost 100% recovered. Her limp is barely noticeable.


She REALLY wanted a baby. Switched at birth ..

She REALLY wanted a baby.
Oops, Mom is not the real mom, The other mom is.
Switched at birth ...
. Two hens (white, brown) on nests hatching eggs ...
Egg rolls out onto floor ...
I placed the egg back in the nest that it fell out of (brown)..
Wrong ... As the chick grew older it became clear it belonged to Shmoo, the white hen. The father (Barney) is mostly brown so the baby is mostly brown but has feathers like Shmoo's (fuzzy), not like the other hen.
So Sorry Shmoo.

 Pics 151108d 2731 Chicken Shmoo baby raised by Sebright.JPG
100809 2731 Shmoo in chair.jpg
150705a 2731 Chicken Sebright baby 4 day old.JPG
151108k 2731 Chicken Shmoo baby raised by Sebright Barney.JPG
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Simon insists that I cover him with both hands... Then he's happy.

151116 Simon insists that I cover him with both hands... Then he's happy.
He loves to snuggle, cuddly and be massaged.

Vid= 151101e 2731 Pigeon holding peck at hands to hug Simon edited 1.avi
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Mail box for fire pit Helpful hint

1511114 Mail box for fire pit Helpful hint   
Handy for keeping supplies safe from squirrels, mice and weather around our fire pit (or other remote locations).... (These are now 20 years old).
Paper towels, napkins, Hand cleaner, lighter, lighter fluid, bug spray, misc., and whatever. #HelpfulHints

Pic = 151107 2731 fire pit storage mailbox.JPG
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Dodge caravan 14.8 mpg

151108 Dodge caravan 14.8 mpg
It's time to retire this Dodge Grand Caravan, BUT on a recent trip from Minneapolis to the N Shore of Lake Superior... it gets such great mileage ... ... ... (34.8 mpg).
. . . So amazingly trouble free and reliable with almost no maintenance, hard to part with it. And it's an AWD van and they don't make them anymore.... so what would I replace it with? I still need 4'x8' cargo space and AWD. It gets one more winter I guess.

 . The mileage was "moving mileage", no stops for 150 miles, about 65mph. Average for the entire round trip was 32.5 mpg (Not so good in town though 20mpg).
(BTW - The LED mpg indicator and the odometer calculated mpg are very close to the same).

Pics 111106 MWD Pigeon Waiting In Van Car.JPG
151010n N Shore 01 Van Odometer mpg.jpg
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151106 Simon down the hall 9:00pm, standard time not DST

151106  Simon down the hall, standard time not DST
It was quite unusual. He usually comes down the hall to my office for his goodnight hug around 10:00 pm ... it's 8:55pm ...
BUT ...
then I remembered, ... it's not daylight savings time anymore. Simon has not reset his clock.

pic 151106 2731 Pigeon hall 9pm not DST.jpg
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The Universe fits in my backyard

151029 The Universe is NOT infinite... it fits in my backyard.
As far as the Chickens know, the backyard IS the universe... and they're perfectly happy anyway.

Pic 140823i 2731 Backyard Chickens Sophia Shmoo Barney Cheekie .JPG
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Simon hops onto my toe looking for some loving.

151020 After a walk on the beach, Simon hops onto my toe looking for some loving.
At home he jumps on my toe and gets a free ride up as I tip the recliner back.. .. then he walks up my leg and lays down under my chin ... waiting to be hugged.
N Shore Lake Superior.

Pic 151012aq N Shore Lake Superior Temperance River Van Camping Pigeon on my shoe Simon.JPG
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ditching project at my farm.

151020 Before and after same section that's on my land ... ditching project at my farm. A total of about 2.5 miles of ditch reconditioned.
(I want that bulldozer ... or the backhoe).
. . SO many government agencies involved and permits required ... very complicated. I'm glad my neighbor is doing all the work.

Pic 150926bd Harris ditch backhoe SE-N.JPG
Pic 151018c Harris Ditch project.JPG
Pic 151018f Harris Ditch project dozer.JPG
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Simon Pigeon pretending to be a Seagull,

151019 Simon Pigeon pretending to be a Seagull,
at Grand Marais MN harbor, N Shore Lake Superior.

Pic= 151011ci  Superior Hiking Trail Grand Marais Harbor Pigeon Simon.JPG
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Simon Pigeon loves to build things ... then knock them down.

151019 Lindstrom Jessies Kids, Simon playing
Simon Pigeon loves to build things ... then knock them down.
 Survey the damage.

Pic=151017c Lindstrom Pigeon Playing Henry Simon.JPG
Pic=151017e Lindstrom Pigeon Playing Henry Simon.JPG
Pic=151017d Lindstrom Pigeon Playing Henry Simon.JPG
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Simon - Superior Hiking Trail Palisade Head, Tettegouche State Park (Part 3)

151015 Simon braves strong winds to stay on ground at the
top of Palisade Head / Simon frolics on the beach ... on N shore of Lake Superior.
"Simon Pigeon goes Camping and Hiking" (Part 3).

 A 200 foot vertical drop at Palisade Head.
There were a few cliff climbers there... I wonder if their Mothers knew?

It was Very windy, I feared Simon might blow away.

We walked down to the pebble beach at Tettegouche State Park

 Simons very first experience with waves... He did NOT like waves AT ALL. Was very vocal about it. ... ...
I set him down on the wet area... first wave... Zooooom headed for high ground, cussing loudly all the way.

 I had NO idea Simon was so talented, but he was having great fun.

= = =
Pic = 151011be  Superior Hiking Trail Palisade Head.JPG
Pic 151011bk  Superior Hiking Trail Palisade Head Simon.JPG
Pic 151011bl  Superior Hiking Trail  Tettegouche State Park.JPG
Pic 151011bo  Superior Hiking Trail  Tettegouche State Park Pigeon beach waves Simon.JPG
 Pic 151011bp  Superior Hiking Trail  Tettegouche State Park Pigeon Beach stacked rocks Simon.JPG


Simon Pigeon goes thru tunnel at nearly 60 mph.

151014 I thought for sure Simon Pigeon would panic as we entered this tunnel at nearly 60mph, but... he didn't even blink ~:<)
.Maybe it's because he's traveled thousands of miles riding on the dashboard?

Pics = 151012e N Shore Lake Superior Pigeon Tunnel Simon.JPG
Pic = 151012f N Shore Lake Superior Pigeon Tunnel Simon.JPG
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"Simon Pigeon goes Camping and Hiking". Part 1.

"Simon Pigeon goes Camping and Hiking". Part 1.

Simon thought it was very unreasonable to allow "Foot Travel Only".
Lake Superior North Shore, Sawtooth mountains.
Superior Hiking Trail is ranked as one of the top 10 hiking trails in the world. Can be hiked in many segments, but total length is 255 miles, and as high as 1,150 feet above Lake Superior. ... Great views, a very rugged trail in parts.
This time, we only hiked a very short portion of the trail, but hiked many miles (mostly vertical) at many of the rivers and waterfalls along the North Shore between Duluth and Grand Marais MN.


Simon to our Bayfield farm/cabin Apple Festival

151006 Simon to our Bayfield farm/cabin Apple Festival
Simon Pigeon was so excited... We're on our way to our cabin last weekend for the Bayfield WI Apple Festival.
 Pic = 151003g to Bayfield Pigeon on Dashboard Simon.JPG

 . . At the 150 yo cabin, Simon and Tuna survey the view 
151003n Bayfield Pigeon in front of cabin Simon.JPG
Simon picks out the pieces he thinks I should use.
151003b Bayfield Pigeon on wood pile Simon.JPG

Simon helps me mow the lawn.
151003a Bayfield Pigeon Helper lawn mower.JPG

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Untangling a tangle

151006 Untangling a tangle
How to untangle a tangle.

Helpful Hint - More than likely, it probably wasn't tangled in the first place, ... no need to keep threading the ends thru loops. If you hold it up and keep shaking it and pulling at it to expand the mess... it slowly comes apart (usually) without pushing ends thru loops, and is faster.
. . Sometimes there IS a square-knot, but that's easy to remove when the mess is mostly untangled.

Pics = 151006a 2731 Tangled wire untangled.JPG + 151006b,c,e
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150926Harris drainage ditch

150926 Harris drainage ditch project
How we spent our weekend of fun at the farm.
Karen admiring the backhoe. The farmhouse is on top of the 80' hill behind the trees.

I was always dreading the possibility of a cost of $60,000 to $80,000 for my share of reconditioning a 2 mile drainage ditch, more than a mile of which was on my land.
.. BUT an adjacent neighbor decided it was worth it to him to clean the entire ditch himself. $2,000 per week to rent machinery and only wanted permission from me, no money, ... but I am giving him some anyway ... I got off easy ... and he's doing all the work.
. . The ditch keeps many acres of good cropland from flooding (17 of my acres). The ditch was heavily wooded, trees now gone, next the ditch will be deepened.

The ditch couldn't handle a 7" rain, 17 acres of my corn land flooded.

 View from my old farmhouse picture window. The woods in back is where I got all my firewood.
The ditch is along the leading edge of the corn. There's a lake behind the trees, so all the deer had to travel on my back 40.. could see them from the house.

 From partway back, you can see my old barn (center) on the ridge. The ditch WAS heavily wooded, trees now gone. The ditch goes to the base of the ridge, and still goes 1/4 mile behind me to the back of the wooded 40 acres. My neighbor plans to finish the ditching project in less than 3 weeks ??

Amazing power (SE end of ditch)

This WAS lined with trees...
W end of E 40 looking toward woods where I used to cut all my firewood

= = = =
PIC of backhoe =150926bf Harris ditch SE-NW Standing by Backhoe Karen.JPG

Pic of Katie in flooded field = 75 7in rain Katie in corn.jpg
Pic view from farmhouse back 40= 150926r Harris Farmhouse view corn west.JPG
Pic view from deer stand = 150926ax Harris ditch NW-E.JPG
Pic comment 1, backhoe lifting load = 150926bd Harris ditch backhoe SE-N.JPG
Pic comment from beaver looking west =150926at Harris ditch NE-W.JPG