150128 An example of Jealousy in animals.

150128 JEALOUSY.  Velcro and 2.5 (both female) had been an inseparable loving "pair", ... madly in love with each other for 8 years.  Then along comes Newbie (Male).  2.5 makes it clear Newbie is not welcome.
. . Four months after this video, Velcro was killed by a hawk on 5/20/14 as she flew to the deck to visit me.  2.5 became totally depressed (me too), withdrawn, she mourned for months, day after day staring out her window for hours, desperately waiting for Velcro to return. 2.5 would come in the house and call and call to Velcro hoping she'd answer. It was so sad to see. They had spent much time being in love in the house. 
. . Eventually, many months later, 2.5 finally slowly accepted Newbie as her new partner, but... It's - just -  not - the same. The intense loving and non-stop hugging and kissing is just not there with Newbie. There is NO doubt that 2.5 still continues to mourn the loss of Velcro (me too).

2.5 is a Homer Pigeon now 9yo.
Velcro was a Voorburg Shield Cropper 8yo
Newbie is a Modena 3yo.

2.5 and Velcro on hutch. They'd come in the house and spend most of the day enjoying each others company.

 2.5 attacks Newbie  2.5 makes it clear she doesn't welcome Newbie's interfering.

2.5 finally accepts Newbie.

141103b 2731 Pigeon Bird Bath 2.5 Newbie

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One shot. Got this Furby raiding the Chicken coop


Seagulls eating from my fingers, Padre Island

I had a pet seagull, but these are on Padre Island, never even touched my fingers. They'll eat anything. My seagull preferred canned cat food (I had to open the can for her).


Charging Station for gadgets

Charging Station for gadgets using an old Computer power station.
Quick and easy. Always at the ready. No searching for the proper charging transformer.
Plug in device, push button, push again when device is charged.
(Helpful hint) I put a ordinary plug-in timer on the 110v input cord so the gadget charging transformers will shut off after 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours as needed, not run all night (Phantom loads).
. You may need to get creative with plugs and adapters since the 110v switched outlets in the back are too close together for five transformers in a row.


150102 White Homer Pigeon Camouflage in snow

. . . . 2.5 is a 9yo Homer Pigeon. She comes to the patio door everyday and begs to come in the house. I let her in for a few hours... some treats, a nap, then she asks to be let out again.