"Egyptians Discover Water".... Pigeons

150218 Headlines = "Egyptians Discover Water"... Because I deprived them of their daily warm cup of water for a day and a half, the Egyptian Swifts finally got thirsty and discovered the Chickens perpetual water supply. Now my neighbor won't need to fill their water cup everyday while I'm gone. Now I finally have proof they actually did find it and won't die of thirst while I'm gone.
Trail cam comes in handy once again ~:<)
From the video, looks like they were pretty thirsty.

Video = 150218ba 2731 Pigeons Egyptians discover water Cleo Nile.avi
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Simon Pigeon sleeping in strange places Simon

150210 2731 Pigeon sleeping in strange places Simon

Simon Pigeon takes his naps in the most unusual places and rarely in the same spot twice (He's not stuck).
Pic = 150210 2731 Pigeon sleeping in strange places Simon
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Guess what kind of plant is in the cage. Tuna knows.

150209 Catnip plant in cage... Tuna
Guess what kind of plant is in the cage. Tuna knows.

Pic = 121012 2731 CanMip in cage TunaCat.JPG
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150207 Cornucopia Sunset toward Duluth

150207 Cornucopia Sunset toward Duluth
Unedited photo. Lake Superior looking toward Duluth MN.
. . I took about a dozen photos, just as it started and when it finally got too dark...zoomed in and wide angle (This is sorta zoomed in) . ... ALL were pretty dramatic.

A bit earlier, wide angle view

Pic = 121012 (DSCN2826.JPG & DSCN2831.JPG)
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1150207 Baby Budapest Pigeon big eyes
Isn't he cute ?

In response to Jim Wilkins quest to post pictures of baby animals... (Positive stuff, not negative images and videos)
Not certain, but I believe this is a Budapest Pigeon, fancy pigeon breed category. Probably 6 days old?
Pic = 150207 Baby Budapest Pigeon for Jim Wilkins challenge.jpg
Pic = 150207 Adult Budapest Pigeon.jpg
Pic = 150207d Ugly baby Pigeon.jpg
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150206 Frontenac mound with lone tree on it
Every family tree has one in the family that HAS to be different.
Frontenac MN

Pic = 101023bz Frontenac StPark A Hill-tree a.jpg
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150206 Tuna cat stowaway in suitcase trip to Mexico

150206 Tuna cat stowaway in suitcase trip to Mexico
Um, I think Tuna knows we're going to a warm place in Mexico. We packed shorts and swim suits.

Pic = 070125a 2731 Tuna in Suitcase a.jpg
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150206 Vine clinging to retaining wall St Paul in a park.

150206 Vine clinging to retaining wall St Paul in a park.
Vine clinging to a retaining wall in a park in St Paul MN. It's about 25' high.

Pic = 130804c St PaulHeritagePark IvyPattern.JPG
Pic = 130804d St PaulHeritagePark IvyPattern.JPG
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Minnehaha falls winter ice and summer

150131 Minnehaha falls winter ice  and summer
Not at all safe to walk on the ice there, but... it sure is pretty ... winter and summer.
Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis MN

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