150207 2731 Les Karen beard hats from Lisa

150207 2731 Les Karen beard hats from Lisa

"I don't think we're in Mexico any more Toto"...
. . Our daughter who we were visiting in Mexico, Crocheted these hats & beards for us for Minnesota use. It's a little colder here.
— with Lisa Love Juliot.
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150208 Boutwells Gables Mom rm138 Simon in waiting room

150208 Boutwells Gables Mom rm138 Simon in waiting room
Can you find what doesn't belong in this hospital waiting room?
. . Yes, it's Simon Pigeon. The entire staff passed him around and hugged Simon ... got lots of attention. Simon is welcome to visit my Mother anytime while she recovers from minor surgery.
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150309 2731 Pigeons Egyptians first time loose Cleopatra Nile

 I'm so excited. First time in their lives... my 2.5yo Egyptian Swift Pigeons, Nile and Cleopatra, were able to be free outside to explore. They did NOT fly away, walked around for 1/2 hour, mingled with the Chickens and other Pigeons, then went back into the Aviary to their OWN nest. Such a relief. I was anxious to see them fly, but they didn't. I was hoping they'd fly to the deck to see me... maybe next time?
. . I got them last Nov, secured ever since. Did not want to take a chance they'd fly away in the dead of winter. Now I know they feel they are "home".
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150313 Newbie Modena Pigeon Portrait

150313 Newbie Modena
Isn't he beautiful? My 3yo Modena Pigeon (Italian). Husband to 2.5, my 9yo pure white Homer Pigeon. He's such an interesting character.
. . Same breed as Simon, my 14yo pure white Modena.
Modena's come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, all of them beautiful.
Pics 150313 2731 Pigeon Iridescent Newbie / a-b-c-e