150413 Newbie attacked by hawk

150413 Newbie attacked by hawk
He survived 3 attacks. He's still alive and well.
AS WE WERE watching, a hawk swooped down on the deck just 2 feet from the patio door and tried to fly off with Newbie (2yo Modena Pigeon). Newbie broke free but the hawk attacked again. Again Newbie broke free and he tried to fly away but the hawk attacked the third time..
. . We were just inside the door and watched this happen so immediately opened the door and the hawk flew off.  Feathers everywhere. Newbie's wing was apparently injured a bit as he kept trying to hold it in position. There was a spot with feathers missing but I could find no blood.
. .
The Picture... Most of the feathers had blown away by the time I took this picture. There were many.  The attack took place at the edge of the green mat.
. . After a few minutes it became apparent there was no permanent damage. A short time after, Newbie was able to fly to the top of the hutch. Later he flew to the Aviary.  As far as I can tell, he's ok.
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1) So lucky... Minutes before, my sweet dear Simon was laying in the same spot. Simon (14yo) wouldn't have stood a chance against a hawk.
. . Just before the incident, I noticed NO Chickens or Pigeons were in the yard. very unusual.  So Karen went looking for them. They were all far back in the yard under some bushes... that seemed ok?  BUT now I know the Chickens had seen the hawk and were hiding.  Otherwise they would have been the victim, not Newbie Pigeon.
. . I keep the deck furniture arranged so as to provide cover for the Pigeons when they are on the deck, but THIS hawk dropped down from straight above.
2) Likely, the hawk will hang around knowing there are Chickens and Pigeons. Therefore I'm keeping them in the aviary for a few weeks until the hawk moves elsewhere.


150510 Pigeon 2.5 hot bath

THIS is how 2.5 (Homer Pigeon) tells me she wants to take a bath in WARM water... (95 deg always, winter/summer).
. . She stands there staring into the house until I notice her and take warm water out for her. Then she bathes.
. . HAVE I spoiled my birds?

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Simon Loves to Cuddle

Simon, doing his favorite thing (You Must look at every one of these 68 photos, there will be a test).

 Simon LOVES to be massaged.

Tuna Cat Loves Simon Pigeon.  .. Simon likes Tuna (sorta).

 Total trust - Simon patiently stays still while I use my finger to remove a feather stuck in his eye.

 Simon pecks at my hands until I have BOTH hands clasped around him, then  he's happy and naps.



 My 98yo Mother and Simon.


 Simon goes with me everywhere.