150517 Simon walks down hall to be hugged

The most wonderful thing just happened that makes me very happy. I'm sitting at my computer and I hear footsteps coming down the hall. I look down and there's Simon looking up at me with those big brown eyes that very Clearly tell me he really needs to be hugged.
So that's why I'm typing slowly,... I'm hugging him with one hand while he nibbles on my face. Now he's napping.
Actually, he does this quite frequently. He's my BFF - (Bird Friend Forever).

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150513 VALET PARKING at the nursing home.

 150513 VALET PARKING at the nursing home.
Actually, it's a senior apt building where my Mother lives. When the residents ride arrives they often leave their "vehicles" behind.

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You KNOW you have bonded when you yawn and then so does your pet (Simon Pigeon)

150513 You KNOW you have bonded when you yawn and then so does your pet (Simon Pigeon)
(13 second video) Such an ENTHUSIASTIC yawn
(Warning, will make you smile or yawn or both).

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150513 Pigeon 2.5 on roof chimney

Surveying her domain.

2.5, a Homer Pigeon 9yo. She is amazing and beautiful. I have great respect for her.
Exceptionally wise - 2.5 has survived several cat and hawk attacks that killed those standing next to her.
. . She stands on the deck railing everyday and begs to come in the house for a visit. A majestic bird. I admire her.
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