150619 Simon goes to bed / enclosure

The last thing I do every night before bed is hold Simon up in front of my face, tell him I love him, and say goodnight to him. Then I put him in his bed.

. . YESterday during the DAY, I held him in the same way and had an ordinary conversation with him. I guess he misunderstood because when I put him down he trotted right over and put himself to bed. He's such a sweetie.

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150615 FB Post - Passenger Pigeons are not extinct.

This is when Simon is the 2nd most happy... when riding in the car.
The 1st most happy is when he is being cuddled and loved (that's most of the time).
Pigeons are very temperature tolerant ... comfortable at -30 to 110 or so.
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I never go anywhere without Simon except on those summer days when  I can't leave him in the hot car ... but then I usually take him in the car anyway if visiting, or I take him into stores with me (not where there's food or medical).  He just waits on the counter while I pay.  He is quite welcome most everywhere I go.  This is the hospital waiting room. The entire staff held him.

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