"Bird" - Well, actually Simon is not a bird.

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Well, actually Simon is not a bird.

Simon Pigeon (Modena) was a bird, but has become a tiny human with feathers.
He is an important part of me.
We have bonded so totally and completely that I am not complete without him.
I rarely go ANYwhere without Simon. He loves riding in the car (on the dashboard)... he comes into stores with me, and on camping trips, vacations, visiting, when we go to our cabin, etc.
We communicate perfectly without any sounds (although he frequently talks to me). He has trained me to understand his language (mostly body language) very clearly. I always understand what he's telling me and what he wants. He knows how to ask.
He's 14yo and he's been with me for 7 years.
We always watch the news together with Simon cuddled under my chin (well, he usually naps thru the news).
Last thing in the evening he usually waddles over to me for his bed-time hug, and then I tuck him into his bed (But sometimes he does that by himself).
. . . Anyway... I have some excellent birds photos, some of which have already won contests, but... THIS is the most beautiful bird picture that I have. It's my favorite.
Simon loves me very much... and vise versa.
PIC =  (Entered in "Themes and Visions" pic= 141021i# 2731 Pigeon Portrait Simon - Copy)

14 years ago Simon lived with a family that had parrots. The parrots became too rough with Simon and they were afraid for Simons life. So, I was the lucky one.  Simon lived free outside for the first 10 years of his life.
. . Modena Pigeons (the breed) are very Macho... quite aggressive and rarely tolerate human interaction. SO for 2-1/2 years,  I couldn't even touch him, he would peck, and bat at me with his wings, although he would come to me for treats.
> >  BUT one day after 2-1/2 years, Simon was standing on my knee and he purposely stared into my eyes for a few minutes ...  I could tell he was "thinking".  Then for the next 2 weeks he did that frequently. I KNEW something unusual was going on in his mind.
. . In those 2 weeks, It was like flipping a switch. Simon decided he liked me. Then he decided he loved me. Now he always demands to be hugged and cuddled constantly, much like a kitten would. Now he's my BFF (Bird Friend Forever).
Pic C:\Personal PICS AND VIDS +2000\-H Pics 2014\140528 2731 Pigeon Simon on Les shoulder   ....... Simon on my shoulder, blue plaid shirt.
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150723 Cow with meat cuts tattoo on her side.

150723 Cow with meat cuts tattoo on her side.
#‎OnTheFarm‬ - Once she saw what I had done, she became a bit nervous
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150722 Park built on Huge trash pile

150722 What's so unusual about this city park near St Paul MN? It's an artificial hill about 80 feet high, 1/4 mile long and nearly as wide.
(see answer in comments).
Comment = It's built entirely of trash from a bunch of decades ago. Today it's a very nice park and you'd never know it's history.  There's a Frisbee course there too.
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150417 a & b (Lochness park in Blaine MN)


150718 Hot dead heat stroke Chickens

150718 Hot dead heat stroke Chickens
It was very hot and muggy, 88deg with very high humidity.
I raced outside when I saw these 2 dead Chickens laying in the hot sun next to the cactus, ... Heat stroke?
NO... they were just sunbathing. The coop right next to them is very cool for them if they wanted to be cooler.
.. The aviary and coop are the coolest places they can be on an hot day (natural thermostatically controlled A/C, cool air is blown in thru ducts).
Pic = 150717a 2731 Chickens hot Barney Sophia Cheekie
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