Automatic Chicken coop/aviary door

1508531 Aviary coop auto door

I FINALLY did it (low priority). ... Fully automatic door on the Chicken/Pigeon aviary. Opens at 8:30am, closes at 9:30pm... also can open/close it from the internet while watching it on a net-cam.
. . This way, if gone overnight, the Chickens/Pigeons can still be outside during the day instead of being confined to the aviary until we get back.
IN THE video, I am manually operating it from the house with a remote.
. . Closing the door at night is only to protect the birds from predators.
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Made entirely from scrap parts including a coat hanger, some aluminum strap, two 110v timers, some limit switches, and a gear reduction motor mechanism. It has a spring so no animal will get trapped if in the way of the door closing. - PIC =

150831a 2731 Aviary coop automatic door.JPG
... I've been meaning to do this for 9 years, finally got around to it. . . It will be nice when we're on vacation, I can monitor on cam, count chickens, open/close when appropriate OR let the timers take control. They ALWAYS go in 1/2 hour before dusk so it's very safe to assume they're all in when door closes ... but I can count them on cam to make sure
... Those are reflectors on the door so door position is very visible on net-cam or from the house. The rotation was important so there is never down-thrust on the bottom of the sliding door.
. . . There ARE auto doors on the market but they're $300.
VIDEO = 150831b 2731 Aviary coop automatic door.MOV
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Cleaning up Simon Pigeons poop.

150829 Every morning when I clean up Simon's little corner of the family room, he tilts his head and looks at me confused, like he's thinking ... "I wonder why he wants to save that stuff?".
Pic = 150829 2731 Pigeon Family Room Pen Simon.JPG
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About once per week Simon gets a feather in his eye.

150826 Total trust. - - - About once per week Simon gets this same? irritating feather in his eye. Each time I gently push it down with my finger while he quietly and calmly lets me. ... Then he smiles at me. I love my bird.
. . (Too dangerous to try to remove the feather).
Pic = 150826 Pigeon feather in eye Simon.JPG
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Goose hit by car, 2nd baby Sebright Chick

Yesterday in the center of the driving lane we found a mature goose on it's back struggling to get up... hit by a car.  We stopped traffic as I scooped it up. I could find no physical signs of injury, no bleeding etc except there were many feathers on the road. It seemed to be mostly dazed. I held it on my lap as we headed for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center ... but... within minutes it died in my arms. It's not easy to have an animal looking into your eyes as it dies.  Very sad.

. . But the good news is  a 2nd Sebright baby chick, 24 hrs old. After it had a very bad start, looks like it will survive and thrive.
. . I discovered the baby yesterday morning, it was laying dying in the coop, not in the nest. At first I thought it was dead. I tucked it under Mom's wing. This morning it looked fairly healthy and seemed to be eating and drinking?
I think it will be ok?
Pic = 150819 2731 Chicken 2nd baby seabright chick
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Diesel German Shepherd therapy dog

When I took my German Shepherd Therapy Dog Diesel to visit the the Alzheimers unit in nursing homes, they would laugh at me because they always remembered my name and Diesels name but ... I couldn't remember theirs.

DIESEL was a pro. He knew exactly what to do. Every Wednesday he looked forward to visiting. He enjoyed visiting them just as much as they loved visits from him.
They'd hug and choke him, pull his ears, poke his eyes, run over his feet with wheelchairs, but he still dearly loved those people. I will never ever forget my hero Diesel.

CUTE because one lady always saved the cookies her daughter baked her so she could give them to Diesel.
Her daughter found out then began baking cookies just for Diesel.

BTW - almost ALL the residents of nursing homes tend to be forgotten and neglected. An occasional visit does wonders for them. Try it, you'll like it.
PIC = 040310 WBL Nursinghomeb.JPG
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Diesel German Sh epherd therapy dog nursing homes.


150807 Helpful Hints O-Rings for cords

150807 Helpful Hints O-Rings for cords
EASY WAY to store and manage cords of all sizes (Earphones, USB cables, Electrical cords, hose, even straps).
>Rubber bands die and break after a few years.
>Twistie ties take time and get lost.
The advantage of O-Rings is they last for a few decades, easy to use, crushable for storage, cheap and readily available, and you can "store" them ON the cord when cord is in use.  I keep a few spare assorted size O-rings on a carabiner clip on my backpack and fanny pack, and in my car.
CHEAP - Harbor Freight has a box of 382 O-Rings in 30 sizes for $7.99.
Can also use vacuum cleaner belts for larger cords or hoses.
Pics all jpg = 130917 2731 Box of O-Rings Harbor Freight, 121127b 2731 Helpfulhints O-rings, 120305a 2731 HelpfulHints ORings, 150805c 2731 Helpful Hint Orings, 150805b 2731 Helpful Hint Orings, 120307d 2731 O-ring cablesStraps. 130918a 2731 Oring o-ring on USB cable, 150805a 2731 Helpful Hint Orings, 120307b 2731 O-ring cablesStraps, 120307c 2731 O-ring cablesStraps. 120304 2731 HelpfulHints Cordwrap
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150805 The Best Mom in the Chicken world?

150805 The Best Mom in the Chicken world?
Mom is so obsessed with her 1 mo old baby, best Mom ever.  Never more than inches apart. Little baby Wee is doing terrific, can even fly 6 foot high to a perch, mingles well with the other Chickens and Pigeons.
When I take the little chick in the house for bonding, Mom shrieks, yells, and hollers until I return the little chick.
 Today was the FIRST day outside for baby Wee. Couldn't find the baby when I tucked the Chickens into bed. Was right in front of me ~:<)
Pic = 150804c 2731 Chicken Sebright Mommy and 1mo baby.JPG
150804 d2731 Chicken Sebright Mommy and 1mo baby on perch
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150804 Kayaking on the Kinnickinnic River - River Falls Wi.

The exciting part of the 3 mile trip was the many rapids, but.. no rapids pictures, I was using both hands on the rapids trying to stay right side up. Many large rocks that are determined to turn you broadside.
. . So the 1 minute video is of the calm parts of the Kinnickinnic river in River Falls Wisconsin.
. . Nice way to spend a nice summer day.
Video = 150803 WI Kinnickinnic Kayaking Les Karen Edited.mp4
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