150926Harris drainage ditch

150926 Harris drainage ditch project
How we spent our weekend of fun at the farm.
Karen admiring the backhoe. The farmhouse is on top of the 80' hill behind the trees.

I was always dreading the possibility of a cost of $60,000 to $80,000 for my share of reconditioning a 2 mile drainage ditch, more than a mile of which was on my land.
.. BUT an adjacent neighbor decided it was worth it to him to clean the entire ditch himself. $2,000 per week to rent machinery and only wanted permission from me, no money, ... but I am giving him some anyway ... I got off easy ... and he's doing all the work.
. . The ditch keeps many acres of good cropland from flooding (17 of my acres). The ditch was heavily wooded, trees now gone, next the ditch will be deepened.

The ditch couldn't handle a 7" rain, 17 acres of my corn land flooded.

 View from my old farmhouse picture window. The woods in back is where I got all my firewood.
The ditch is along the leading edge of the corn. There's a lake behind the trees, so all the deer had to travel on my back 40.. could see them from the house.

 From partway back, you can see my old barn (center) on the ridge. The ditch WAS heavily wooded, trees now gone. The ditch goes to the base of the ridge, and still goes 1/4 mile behind me to the back of the wooded 40 acres. My neighbor plans to finish the ditching project in less than 3 weeks ??

Amazing power (SE end of ditch)

This WAS lined with trees...
W end of E 40 looking toward woods where I used to cut all my firewood

= = = =
PIC of backhoe =150926bf Harris ditch SE-NW Standing by Backhoe Karen.JPG

Pic of Katie in flooded field = 75 7in rain Katie in corn.jpg
Pic view from farmhouse back 40= 150926r Harris Farmhouse view corn west.JPG
Pic view from deer stand = 150926ax Harris ditch NW-E.JPG
Pic comment 1, backhoe lifting load = 150926bd Harris ditch backhoe SE-N.JPG
Pic comment from beaver looking west =150926at Harris ditch NE-W.JPG

driving to back 40

(Video to big for Blogger)

video driving to back 40
My farm, going to the woods in the back 40 on a road I made many years ago ... but had to walk the last 1/2 mile because of this.
 I can usually drive thru this but lots of recent heavy equipment made it muddy.  Neighbor got his tractor totally stuck here.

(Pic 150926as Harris ditch NE-S mud).
Vid = 150925a Harris PB W side drive to MUD.MP4
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Hunting target practice dynamite

150927 During target practice, THIS is how you know you've hit the bullseye.
Dynamite. (at my grandparents farm, deer season).
We did this once on a gigantic tree... destroyed the tree.

 Pic = 000038L -641000 Melrude TargetTNTDynamite.JPG
000039L -641000 Melrude TargetTNTDynamite.JPG
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Drone with Nikon Camera

1509928 Drone with Nikon Camera
I made a camera mount for my Drone... now for some great aerial photos ~:<)

Pic 150928 2731 Drone with Camera.JPG
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Blood moon, full moon, eclipse moon

050927 Blood moon, full moon, eclipse moon
Well, considering it's an ordinary camera .. and too many trees in the way ... not too bad?

You can easily see the shadow of the Earths curve on the surface of the moon.
Full moon, Blood moon, Eclipse moon.

pics = 150927b 2731 Full Blood Eclipse moon.JPG
150927h 2731 Full Blood Eclipse moon.JPG
150927m 2731 Full Blood Eclipse moon.JPG
150927y 2731 Full Blood Eclipse moon.JPG
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Dog on Log in Fog.

150929 "Dog on Log in Fog"
My sweet Martha.
Lake Superior, Apostle Islands.
About 30' from shore but the (cold) water was only 6" deep.
pic = -780900aa LakeSuperiorMadelineIslBay 1200 - Copy.jpg
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"Moon over my lightning rod"

150926 "Moon over my lightning rod" ... on my old barn at the farm.

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Simon sleeps in strange places


Simon sleeps in strange places
.... and rarely the same place twice.
He prefers being in the sun, or near a heat register, or warming his feet on a transformer... and often he likes to wedge his way under things.
He does have a small area that is His, where he sleeps at night.


Simon's Foot spa.

Simon wanted to go outside. I opened the door. It was cold. He turned around and headed for the fireplace.

Now if I could only teach him to flush.

For nearly an hour I searched but could not find the source of the random alarm sounding. Then I found Simon periodically pouncing on the "Test" button.  I guess he was trying to get my attention ?

"Simon's Space"... where he sleeps at night. Every morning when I clean up after him he looks up at me with a confused look like he's wondering ... "I wonder why he wants to save that stuff?".

Tuna Cat is a gentleman and would let Simon go in first.
Simon loves to spend time lounging around on the deck.

Just in from cold outside, Simon heads for the warm transformer.

Whenever I'm outside Simon lets me know he wants to come out too.
He usually IS outside with me ... he supervises all my projects (gets in my way~:<)

This is Tuna Cat's water. Simon does this just to irritate Tuna.

Just in from cold outside, Simon heads for the warm transformer.

If there is sunshine, Simon will find it.

Simon likes the heat register.

Simon likes the heat register.

Simon is very patient while I'm waiting for someone to show up.

The trap was propped open. Simon HAD to investigate.

At the cabin, next to the woodstove.

Simon usually sleeps on the speedometer until he hears the remote unlock the doors, then he jumps up and trots over to his side.

Heat coming out from under the refrigerator.

Simon often likes to squeeze under things (he's not stuck).

Simon, looking for his boots.

Waiting to use the bathroom.

The back of the couch is Simon's favorite place to watch the TV news Unless he's laying on my chest (which he usually is).