Lose a contact lens? A tiny screw? Anything small?

Lose a contact lens? A tiny screw? Anything small?
This is a fairly foolproof way of quickly finding anything small on a floor, ever many feet away.
>First pic sees nothing.
>Second pic sees a BB.

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Dear Newspaper Company, newspaper in Snow Blower.

151230 Dear Newspaper Company.
One more reason you are going out of business and being replaced by  Internet news.
Please do NOT throw the newspaper in the driveway.
1) Especially when it snows and there is no clue where or IF a newspaper is there.  It takes considerable time and effort, sometimes with a chisel and hammer and frozen hands, to remove a newspaper from the snow blower, and then also replacing the shear pin.
2) A paper laying in the driveway can signal burglars that no one is home, a prime target for theft. I then blame the NEWSPAPER company for the theft.

 Neighbor Rons snow blower.

My Snow blower, paper stuck in chute.

Pic - Rons snowblower newspaper
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Pic -My snowblower newspaper. ... ... 101211aq 2731 NeighborRon NewspaperStuckInSnowblower.jpg
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Simon was a feisty fighter. Mirror.

Simon was a feisty fighter. 
When Simon Pigeon first came to our house, he was tame, but not "affectionate".
I called him Mr Macho, because he did not care to be touched and would peck and hit when you tried to pet him. 
As he aged, at about 13yo he slowly lost the ability to do any serious flying (only downhill) so we let him live in the house permanently.  Then one day he stood and stared into my eyes and everything changed. He suddenly became lovey and affectionate.


The 42nd time to put up this REAL Christmas tree

151211 REcycle... save a tree ~:<)
The 42nd time to put up this REAL Christmas tree one more time. Sure some of the needle are gone, but it still looks beautiful... saves space, saves a natural tree, and ... the rest of the year it's a coat rack.

First cut on my back 40 acres in Harris MN.

This year I added a new ornament.

061204 2731 ChristmasTreeCoatRack.JPG
151211 2731 Xmas tree with Chicken on top.jpg
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