Simon Pigeon goes Van Camping ... and mushroom hunting.

Simon Pigeon goes Van Camping ...
and mushroom hunting.
 Good morning Simon ~:<)

Simon waiting for breakfast.

Wow, Big rock.

Simon found lots of mushrooms.


 Simon found this babbling brook to get a drink of clear cold water. 

 More mushrooms

Simon says ... Yup, this is the North side of the tree. 

  Simon checks out Lake Alice.

 Waiting for the lecture to begin.

On the way home, . . . waiting for an Ice Cream treat at Nelsons in Stillwater MN.

End of a nice camping trip ~:<)


160816 Hawk attacked birds on railing

THE HAWK skimmed  one foot above my shoulder like a missile yesterday... aimed 6 feet in front of me at my 4 pigeons sitting peacefully on the deck railing. There was an explosion of birds flying to escape the hawk and in 1/4 second the hawk had vanished thru the lilacs... not a bird left on the railing It was over in an micro-second. I ran down to the patio, where my white Homer Pigeon 2.5, had smashed herself into the house trying to get away and she  got wedged into some folded lawn chairs and was stuck... I picked her up, no blood, she was ok, just very frightened. I looked for the other three. Newbie and Sue-ez had flown away but had quickly returned to the railing, they were ok too.
. . BABY Khufu however, was nowhere to be found. It appeared that the hawk had snatched him right off the railing and flew away with him. Over and over we searched everywhere, all the tiny hiding places, etc... and searched the neighbors yards. Khufu had vanished. We searched and searched for 3 hours. . . . . Khufu had been having so much fun, flying repeatedly to my arm, shoulder, and head... I love that little bird. Now it was clear that he was gone. I gave up the search and sat on the couch and cried...
. . But then, more than 3 hours later, Karen discovered Sue-ez (Khufu's mother) sitting on the playhouse in the far back of the yard, with another bird... I ran out and yes, it was Khufu, looking as good as usual.
. . Apparently Khufu DID fly away, far away? but even at 7 weeks old he managed to find his way back home. Khufu followed me to the deck, then onto my arm and we went inside and I hugged him for a long time . . He/She's fine ~:<)
 . It appears that the white Homer, 2.5, had been the target, but 2.5 has been attacked many times and is experienced at not getting killed.
. .
Just two weeks earlier the same happened but we were not home to witness it... baby Khufu was hiding in a window well and the others were gone. Sue-ez eventually returned an hour later, but Cleopatra did not... That's when I lost my sweet loving Cleopatra Egyptian Swift.
C:\Personal PICS AND VIDS +2000\-J Pics 2016\160726 2731 Pigeons Egyptian Swift Cleopatra Suez Khufu Tuna Cat
Pic = 160726e Sue-ez, Khufu, Cleopatra, Newbie
Pic = 141111c Cleo


Almelund Thrashing Show, Flea Market with Simon PIgeon..

An annual family event, ... Threshing show, Booth at the Flea Market.
Simon loves adventure of any kind. He's such a great traveler, never complains about anything, always enjoys himself ~:<)

 Simon Pigeon wanted to see everything (except fleas)

 Simon was the most expensive item at the Flea Market (Nobody offered).

 Everyone wants to pet Simon. ... Got petted about every 10 minutes for 2 days.... was in many selfie photos too.

 Simon had to check out the 7 rows of tractors. He found a red one he liked.

Simon complained that there was no toilet paper.

 He looked and looked, ... ... there were no trains ~:<(

 Simon was hoping his favorite red tractor would win the tractor pulling contest ~:<)

Simon wanted a drink of water.. Didn't know which valve to open.

 Simon says..... he could fly faster than this 1921 Ford Model-T Touring
(I had one identical to this 1921 Model-T except mine was nice and shiny).

 Simon was SURE he could escape from this jail.

 Simons favorite red tractor, ... a Cockshutt.

 Simon checks out a school bus from early 1900's

 He checked out all the equipment, ... many questions ~:<)

 Near the end of the day Simon needed to sit for a while.

 Simon got SOOooooooooooo many hugs from strangers over the weekend. ... little kids just couldn't resist petting Simon. Everyone wanted selfies while holding Simon ~:<)

 Finally at the end of the day, time to relax.
Simon loves Van Camping too. .
Next day when we got home, Simon took an all day nap ~:<)

Simon thought maybe Dean Haehnel could use this for his boat ? ... ... ~:<)


160810 Khufu first real flight, bath, fell

                                              160810 Khufu first real flight

A Tough lesson learned.  Baby Khufu's (Coofoo) first "real" flying today at 6 wks old. Successfully from pole barn roof to house roof (100') then to the deck railing to take a bath.  . . . Surprise, ... when he tried to fly, he discovered that wet birds do not fly as well as dry birds. He fell (fluttered) down 8' to the patio, uninjured.
He's in the house with me now, drying out.
Khufu is a 6 week old Egyptian Swift Pigeon.

Pic - 160810a 2731 Pigeon 6wk baby st real flight bath Khufu.JPG
Video - 160810e 2731 Pigeon 6wk baby 1at real flight bath Khufu Edited.avi
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160615 Baby Egyptian Swift Pigeon

Miracle 9 day old Baby Egyptian Swift Pigeon has already used up 3 of his 9 lives (out of nest and very very cold). Grew VERY quickly in last 2 days... Seems he will survive and thrive? I hope.
. . I never thought he'd survive that first cold night by himself... he felt dead.


160613 Homer PIgeon 2.5 very sick... vet hospital

 She came to  me for help, she knew she was in big trouble.  She was SO sick I thought she'd die on the way to the hospital. She was foaming from the mouth, eyes closed, thought it was the end. She threw up 3 times. I've had this beautiful bird for 10 years.
. .  She's 2.5, my dear beautiful Homer Pigeon. I have the greatest respect for her, so very wise, stately, and intelligent.... a magnificent amazing bird.
. . They kept her overnight at the vet hospital in an incubator, shots, infusion, medication, etc. Next morning 6:30am they called, she survived and didn't need to stay another day (would have been $700).  Not sure what the problem was, suspect something she ate?

. . BUT she's fine now and is in the house with me... free to go outside if she wants.  Now I'm happy ~:<)

Pic 160609a 2731 Pigeon on PB roof 2.5.JPG
160613a 2731 Pigeon sick getting medicine Les 2.5.JPG
Video 160612 2731 Pigeon flying to Les hands food 2.5.MP4
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160611-14 The Art of Keeping Chickens

Les Larson, (aka Bert)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Links to articles about the keeping of Chickens, eggs, etc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chicken diseases.

Do eggs need to be refrigerated or washed ?


Five reasons to eat eggs.

There's more to an egg than what meets the eye... Interesting egg facts.


160609 Egyptian Swift Male gone after 1st time outside

160609 Egyptian Swift Male gone after 1st time outside
It's been 2 hours and I'm worried. 
For 8 years, I had two lesbian Pigeons.

Now I have a ménage à trois, ... Cleopatra and the new M/F Egyptians.
Two weeks ago she laid 2 eggs and all three sat on the nest, taking turns.
I've had the new Egyptians 1 month so decided to set them free outside, very first time in his 3 year life free outside.
Since he had 2 wife's, food, water, shelter, etc he would consider this "Home" and would stick around (They usually do).
. . He sat outside next to the aviary for quite a while eating, drinking, and taking a bath, then flew a circle in the yard, then up to a tree and sat there a long time.
THEN he flew in a very large circle over the house at a fairly high altitude...
then headed west. ...... been gone nearly 2 hours.. Still a GOOD chance he will return ??? But.. less than 100 miles west is where he was hatched... flew back there??
(Still waiting an hoping).

160602c 2731 Pigeon nesting material sticks Female Egyptian Swift
160609d 2731 Pigeon Male Egyptian 1st time outside
160609f 2731 Pigeon Male Egyptian 1st time outside
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160517 - FB post - 160514= two new Egyptian Swifts, New Ulm

160517 - FB post - 160514= two new Egyptian Swifts, New Ulm
With good luck, it was a success.
Cost me $400 but managed to buy two Egyptian Swift Pigeons (includes cost of car repair) at the bird sale. 1yo male, 3yo Female.  Was paying for them when two others wanted to buy them, almost missed out.
. . 4,000 year old breed but they are rare anywhere but Egypt. First in USA in 1980, still rare here. They are high flyers (600ft) up to 60mph and have some homing ability (100 miles).
. . Not sure how this is going to work out, but now Cleopatra has some company.

PIC = 160516f 2731 Pigeons New Egyptian Swifts.JPG
160516b 2731 Pigeons New Egyptian Swifts and Cleopatra.JPG
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160516 Chicken herding Ducks.

160516 Chicken herding Ducks.
 . . . . . . . . . . .(Video here )
Dog herding Sheep ?? ... NO ... Chicken herding Ducks.
(ignore the conversation, something different).
Gooney Guinea Hen trying to round up the Ducks to send them to bed for the night... Where my daughter lives... Les Woody's place, ... apparently this is a regular occurrence ~:<)
Video 160515b FL Gooney Guinea herding Ducks.MP4
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Van Serpentine belt tensioner - wrecker, Simon Pigeon waits patiently.

160516 (150514) Van Serpentine belt tensioner - wrecker

Another adventure for Simon Pigeon (and us), but Simon got bored waiting at the repair shop. While in New Ulm MN, the serpentine belt tensioner gave out and we had no Power Steering, alternator, or water pump. Most everyplace was closed but we managed to get it repaired in time to get home to the airport to pick up our daughter arriving from Mexico.

Simon Pigeon waits patiently for the repair to be completed. 

Simon had to explore the place ~:<)

Pics 160514 New Ulm Bird Swap Van Serpentine tensioner and belt broke wrecker tow truck.jpg
160514fa New Ulm Royal Tire shop Pigeon Van belt repari Simon.jpg
160514d New Ulm Royal Tire shop Pigeon Van belt repari Simon.jpg
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New Ulm Hermann Statue - Bird and small animal swap Egyptian Swifts.

 160516 (160514) New Ulm Hermann Statue.

It was cold and SOooo windy, Simon decided to take the stairway to the top.

New Ulm Minnesota - 100 foot Hermann the German Statue.

. . We were in New Ulm for a "Bird and small Animal Swap". ... some good news and some bad news (next post).

Pics 160514q New Ulm Herman Stature Simon.JPG
160514p New Ulm Herman Stature Simon.JPG
160514g New Ulm Herman Stature Simon.JPG
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