The Absurd Adventures of Simon Pigeon... Chickens and coops too.

Simon Pigeon and Tuna Cat watch TV with me every night.

Solar powered Aviary and Coop

The Solar Chicken Coop-Aviary (for Pigeons too) sometimes gets up to 80+ degrees, works good even on cloudy days.. free heat. The surplus heat is drawn into the coop to keep it above freezing at all times. At minus 20 degrees at night, the radiant floor heat is sometimes needed in the coop, ... cost less than $5 for the entire winter. No frozen water, no frozen eggs, no frozen Chickens. Exceedingly easy to clean, everything mostly automatic, .. bright, clean and sanitary. Many internet cams.  Can be left unattended for up to a month. Ordinary costs to construct.
. . With foil panels in summer, the aviary the coolest place the Chickens can be.

Simon Pigeon LOVES to be loved and massaged.

Simon was anxious to open his Christmas presents (a leaded glass crystal food bowl)

Simon gets excited when going to the cabin... or anywhere else too. He loves to ride in the car.

In winter, when Simon comes in from outside, he heads for the fireplace.

  Or if the fireplace isn't going, he finds other ways to warm his feet.

Whenever I yawn, Simon yawns too.

Henry loves Simon too, just like I do.

     They let me know when they want to come in the house.
 But, sometimes Simon can't make up his mind.

Simon was upset when discovered that the hiking trail was for foot travel only. 

At the campground, Simon likes to hang around the food.

At Grand Marais MN, Simon pretends to be a seagull.
 It was the first time in his life that Simon ever saw a wave. He went running from the water swearing all the way.

At our Wisconsin cabin, Simon admires the mushrooms.

Simon like to be included at play time.
and knocked down all the blocks.

Simon often visits Senior homes too, to make the residents smile.
Everyday the Pigeons come to the door for permission to come inside.

Velcro and 2.5 love to take baths together. They are madly in love.

CHICKENS - This is Bert.
Bert is not too fond of the spin cycle. 

Cat ?? ... What cat ? 

 NASA apologized to Bert for improperly naming this the Eagle Nebula.

                           Bert loves holidays.

Truffles loves to sing Opera ... very LOUD and off-key. At stop signs, other drivers stare at her, then roll up their windows.  She only knows one Opera, "La traviata". 

Truffles is also know as my "Chicken Helper"

Shmoo is a Silkie breed of Chicken

Alice is a Polish Silver Lace.
               Beep Beep is a Polish Golden Lace.
Sophia Newton Chicken cannot see or fly without a headband.

but with it, she can fly.

My classes, "The Art of Keeping Chickens", are designed to make it as easy and efficient as possible to keep Chickens.
How to conform to city ordinances,
How to keep the neighbors (and the city) and the Chickens happy,
Chicken comfort, safety and sanitation.
Techniques for ease of maintenance (it's SO easy).
Chicken poop is one of the three best compost materials, 
And many other Chicken related topics.  



Truffles sings Opera in the car.

My Polish Golden Lace, Truffles, would drive me crazy singing Opera SO LOUD, and off-key. At stop signs people would stare, then roll up their windows.
Worse thing was she only knew "La Traviata" and sang it over and over, but ... she did do a good job of acting it out ~:<)


160123 Cow in Vegetable Garden Harer

Some years ago I left my farm and about a mile down the road saw a cow loose and eating IN my neighbors fenced vegetable garden. I quickly turned around to drive to his house to tell him there was a cow in his vegetable garden. Just before I got to his house I looked again and then realized ... it was his rather large wife bending over pulling weeds. I'm glad I took a second look ~:<)
. . (This is not the same cow, and not my neighbors wife either).
pic Blog Old - 160123 Cow butt Harer vegetable garden.jpg
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Funny Confused Chickens - Chicken station

160111 - Yahoo 360=feb 16, 2006
Funny Confused Chickens.

They see me throw seed INSIDE the Chicken Rest Station (Pickup topper) and they go zoooooming inside.
> > > > > > > > >  BUT < < < < < < <
When I sprinkle seed ON TOP of the topper, 
they still go ZOOOoooming inside. They stop, look at each other confused, look at the ground, look at each other, turn around, look at me, look at each other, look at the gound....SOooo very confused.
They just didn't get it. - -
Then, with me being very obvious, I sprinkle more seed on TOP....but... .Zooom... inside they go again - - - more Mass confusion, looking at each other, turning around, pecking, Soooo confused ?????
It was a tough day for them.

PIC = L:\Personal PICS AND VIDS +2000\-B Pics 0209-0701\AA My Pictures from 020910  to 070101 - #lists\060214 2731 Chickens Topper
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