160308 Barnyard drama - Soap opera. Oops vs Barney

160308 Barnyard drama -  Soap opera. (Chickens are people too).

Couldn't find Barney last night for coop lock up. Finally found him hiding under the deck. Put him in the coop, but his son Oops immediately chased Barney back out again, Barney vanished in the darkness, couldn't find him, he stayed out all last night.
. . Oops is a very beautiful bird with shimmering feathers. A very fine Chicken in all ways.

. . BUT yesterday Oops (Barney's 1yo son) decided he didn't want another Rooster in the yard... Beat up Barney badly. .. Oops is twice the size of his father Barney.
. . Barney was a basket case, terrified, and crying, yes, crying. ... panicky with Oops chasing him around. Finally found Barney this morning, hiding behind the shed.. disoriented, confused.. would not go into open yard, tried to escape under fence. I locked Oops in the coop but let the hens out... That made Barney feel comfortable again, they are now back to normal roaming the yard. Oops is still locked in coop.
. . I cannot have both of them in the yard... Barney will fly away for sure. . . Sad, because I really really like Oops, such a very beautiful bird, shimmering bronze feathers. But he has to go. I'm very sad.
.Note: OOPS = When Oops was very young (an egg) I inadvertently put the egg under the wrong mother hen... That became apparent when he got bigger, hence the name = "Oops".  His "Real" mother never knew.

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