Simon's Big Adventure.

Simon loves to explore. He found many things he had never seen before ~:<)

Looking for the most comfortable chair around the fire pit.

Helping cut firewood.

A Garden Accent Piece ~:<)

Running the drill press.

New brakes

                                   The musician.

Simon has no vice's.

                                           Setting the dining room table.

                                       Nap time after dinner.

Metric? or SAE? 

Time for a break.

Which end is the front ?

                                                               Simon was getting tired (get it ?).

              Got Gas??

Hmm, needs a minor tuneup ~:<)


End of a fun day ~:<)


160429 It wasn't Nile Pigeon at the Humane Society ~:<(

160429 It wasn't Nile Pigeon at the Humane Society ~:<(
 Thanks everyone for showing your concern ~:<)
BUT... something interesting happened.

Nile and Cleopatra rarely spoke... very silent 99%.
Now she spends most of the day on the railing (not in her nest) SPEAKing to me ... a lot, in loooong sentences while staring into my eyes ... very verbose. ... never done that before.
... She is definitely trying to tell me something. I have no idea what? What happened to Nile? Demanding that I bring Nile back? Asking to live in our house? Asking for a new husband ? Eventually it will become clear (I hope).
. . Also interesting, Newbie and 2.5 will no longer allow Cleo anywhere near their nest. Newbie now wants Cleo to vanish from our yard.
I'm trying to find Cleo a new husband ~:<)
Pic is Cleo and Nile in happy times.

160108b 2731 Pigeon loving affection Cleopatra Nile.JPG
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160428 Pigeon at Humane Society, but not Nile

160428 I'm so excited... It's been one week.

The Humane Society called and left me a message. They have a Pigeon. Highly unlikely it's Nile, but... one can hope. They don't open until noon today... I'll be there waiting.
. . Still going thru my Security Cam videos to try to see what happened to Nile. Nothing yet.

PIC 150309a 2731 Pigeons Egyptians first time loose  Cleopatra Nile.JPG
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160425 4 pigeons on railing, Nile later missing

160425 4 pigeons on railing, Nile later missing 
Every morning they would fly to the deck to say good morning... and beg to come in the house. Sometimes I would let them. Now Nile is gone (2nd from front). Niles wife, Cleopatra, and I miss Nile very much.

Pic 151220 2731 Pigeons four on railing Newbie 2.5 Nile Cleoplara.JPG
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160425 Cleopatra is depressed, Nile missing

 160425 Cleopatra is depressed ... for 5 days, hoping and waiting for Nile to return. Roof peaks that she never sat on before ... Hours gazing out searching and waiting. Standing on the spot on the railing where she and Nile spent time in the sun. In 3 years, they had never once left my yard.

. . Nile was always the first one to fly to the deck and see me in the morning.
. . Most likely Nile was chased by a hawk, now lost or killed? The Egyptian Swift breed has a homing instinct for up to 100 miles. They also fly with an amazing hawk evading maneuver, continuous very abrupt changes in direction. But he was very tame and vulnerable.
. . We put up posters at many places including the Humane Society. Some years ago I got an injured Pigeon back from there after 5 days missing.
. . Still hoping, but the odds are very poor now ~:<(
I'm very sad too. I really miss him......

Pics 160421f  2731 Pigeon Nile missing - Cleopatra.JPG ... plus p and q
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160414 Diesel poop on well head not on yard lawn grass

160414 Diesel poop on well head not on yard lawn grass
I had a German Shepherd named Diesel. He was such a fine dog. Very obedient, and talented too.
. . I told him not to poop on the lawn.

pic = 020530 RiverFalls Diesel poop on well head .jpg
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020530 RiverFalls Diesel poop on well head .jpg