160517 - FB post - 160514= two new Egyptian Swifts, New Ulm

160517 - FB post - 160514= two new Egyptian Swifts, New Ulm
With good luck, it was a success.
Cost me $400 but managed to buy two Egyptian Swift Pigeons (includes cost of car repair) at the bird sale. 1yo male, 3yo Female.  Was paying for them when two others wanted to buy them, almost missed out.
. . 4,000 year old breed but they are rare anywhere but Egypt. First in USA in 1980, still rare here. They are high flyers (600ft) up to 60mph and have some homing ability (100 miles).
. . Not sure how this is going to work out, but now Cleopatra has some company.

PIC = 160516f 2731 Pigeons New Egyptian Swifts.JPG
160516b 2731 Pigeons New Egyptian Swifts and Cleopatra.JPG
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160516 Chicken herding Ducks.

160516 Chicken herding Ducks.
 . . . . . . . . . . .(Video here )
Dog herding Sheep ?? ... NO ... Chicken herding Ducks.
(ignore the conversation, something different).
Gooney Guinea Hen trying to round up the Ducks to send them to bed for the night... Where my daughter lives... Les Woody's place, ... apparently this is a regular occurrence ~:<)
Video 160515b FL Gooney Guinea herding Ducks.MP4
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Van Serpentine belt tensioner - wrecker, Simon Pigeon waits patiently.

160516 (150514) Van Serpentine belt tensioner - wrecker

Another adventure for Simon Pigeon (and us), but Simon got bored waiting at the repair shop. While in New Ulm MN, the serpentine belt tensioner gave out and we had no Power Steering, alternator, or water pump. Most everyplace was closed but we managed to get it repaired in time to get home to the airport to pick up our daughter arriving from Mexico.

Simon Pigeon waits patiently for the repair to be completed. 

Simon had to explore the place ~:<)

Pics 160514 New Ulm Bird Swap Van Serpentine tensioner and belt broke wrecker tow truck.jpg
160514fa New Ulm Royal Tire shop Pigeon Van belt repari Simon.jpg
160514d New Ulm Royal Tire shop Pigeon Van belt repari Simon.jpg
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New Ulm Hermann Statue - Bird and small animal swap Egyptian Swifts.

 160516 (160514) New Ulm Hermann Statue.

It was cold and SOooo windy, Simon decided to take the stairway to the top.

New Ulm Minnesota - 100 foot Hermann the German Statue.

. . We were in New Ulm for a "Bird and small Animal Swap". ... some good news and some bad news (next post).

Pics 160514q New Ulm Herman Stature Simon.JPG
160514p New Ulm Herman Stature Simon.JPG
160514g New Ulm Herman Stature Simon.JPG
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160516 Cleopatra Egyptian Swift Pigeon follows me everywhere.

Cleopatra Egyptian Swift Pigeon seems to be over missing her husband Nile. A dramatic change. She now follows me around like a puppy. Never more than a few feet behind me.
. . For two and a half years would never come in the house. Now she insists on being inside with me on my lap .. or outside with me, follows me everywhere. Calls to me if I'm not nearby. Up till now she never spoke at all. I think I'm in love ~:<)
. . Also, soon, more Egyptian Swift developments ~:<)

Video 160516 2731 FR Pigeon Egyptian Swift following me Cleopatra.MP4
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Big day for Simon, his previous owners came to visit him

Big day for Simon,

After 7 years with me, his previous owners came to visit him. Not positive, but it sure appeared that Simon remembered them? Very comfortable in their arms.
. . Nearly 15 years ago, they found Simon roaming around a parking lot, obviously not a wild Pigeon. They kept him for 7 years, but it seems their parrot was getting too aggressive with Simon, couldn't stay there.
. . It was a very sweet reunion ... ... They loved him too ~:<)
Pic 160501b 2731 Pigeon Simons original owner Karen Dickason-Van Reese .JPG
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