160816 Hawk attacked birds on railing

THE HAWK skimmed  one foot above my shoulder like a missile yesterday... aimed 6 feet in front of me at my 4 pigeons sitting peacefully on the deck railing. There was an explosion of birds flying to escape the hawk and in 1/4 second the hawk had vanished thru the lilacs... not a bird left on the railing It was over in an micro-second. I ran down to the patio, where my white Homer Pigeon 2.5, had smashed herself into the house trying to get away and she  got wedged into some folded lawn chairs and was stuck... I picked her up, no blood, she was ok, just very frightened. I looked for the other three. Newbie and Sue-ez had flown away but had quickly returned to the railing, they were ok too.
. . BABY Khufu however, was nowhere to be found. It appeared that the hawk had snatched him right off the railing and flew away with him. Over and over we searched everywhere, all the tiny hiding places, etc... and searched the neighbors yards. Khufu had vanished. We searched and searched for 3 hours. . . . . Khufu had been having so much fun, flying repeatedly to my arm, shoulder, and head... I love that little bird. Now it was clear that he was gone. I gave up the search and sat on the couch and cried...
. . But then, more than 3 hours later, Karen discovered Sue-ez (Khufu's mother) sitting on the playhouse in the far back of the yard, with another bird... I ran out and yes, it was Khufu, looking as good as usual.
. . Apparently Khufu DID fly away, far away? but even at 7 weeks old he managed to find his way back home. Khufu followed me to the deck, then onto my arm and we went inside and I hugged him for a long time . . He/She's fine ~:<)
 . It appears that the white Homer, 2.5, had been the target, but 2.5 has been attacked many times and is experienced at not getting killed.
. .
Just two weeks earlier the same happened but we were not home to witness it... baby Khufu was hiding in a window well and the others were gone. Sue-ez eventually returned an hour later, but Cleopatra did not... That's when I lost my sweet loving Cleopatra Egyptian Swift.
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Pic = 160726e Sue-ez, Khufu, Cleopatra, Newbie
Pic = 141111c Cleo

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