Almelund Thrashing Show, Flea Market with Simon PIgeon..

An annual family event, ... Threshing show, Booth at the Flea Market.
Simon loves adventure of any kind. He's such a great traveler, never complains about anything, always enjoys himself ~:<)

 Simon Pigeon wanted to see everything (except fleas)

 Simon was the most expensive item at the Flea Market (Nobody offered).

 Everyone wants to pet Simon. ... Got petted about every 10 minutes for 2 days.... was in many selfie photos too.

 Simon had to check out the 7 rows of tractors. He found a red one he liked.

Simon complained that there was no toilet paper.

 He looked and looked, ... ... there were no trains ~:<(

 Simon was hoping his favorite red tractor would win the tractor pulling contest ~:<)

Simon wanted a drink of water.. Didn't know which valve to open.

 Simon says..... he could fly faster than this 1921 Ford Model-T Touring
(I had one identical to this 1921 Model-T except mine was nice and shiny).

 Simon was SURE he could escape from this jail.

 Simons favorite red tractor, ... a Cockshutt.

 Simon checks out a school bus from early 1900's

 He checked out all the equipment, ... many questions ~:<)

 Near the end of the day Simon needed to sit for a while.

 Simon got SOOooooooooooo many hugs from strangers over the weekend. ... little kids just couldn't resist petting Simon. Everyone wanted selfies while holding Simon ~:<)

 Finally at the end of the day, time to relax.
Simon loves Van Camping too. .
Next day when we got home, Simon took an all day nap ~:<)

Simon thought maybe Dean Haehnel could use this for his boat ? ... ... ~:<)


  1. This is just amazing. I can't get over this little Simon. It's time to do a children's book!
    Sue K.

    1. Over the years I have accumulated TONS of stories, funny stories, sad stories, VERY sad stories, emotions, grief, etc...amazing stories, etc about many of the animals I had on my farm and now in town. Yes, I could write a book if I was talented in writing. MANY of those stories I have posted in Yahoo 360, Multiply, and FB over the years.
      . . I Had many other pets, a Seagull, Fox, cows, horses, dogs, sheep, goats, etc etc etc etc... all had some amazing stories, and now the Pigeons, Chickens, Doves... Yes, plenty of material for a book... probably a large book?