Threesome nude bathing

Threesome nude bathing... Birds are just like people.
Khufu (F) wants to join 2.5 and her husband. 2.5 was not interested in sharing.
Actually, all Khufu wanted was to take a bath ~:<)
                                         Khufu wants to join 2.5 and her husband Newbie

                                          2.5 notices Khufu

                                Khufu advances

                                2.5 protests

                               2.5 forces a retreat.

                                          Khufu plans a new approach.

                      Khufu lands on Newbies back... 2.5 promptly chased Khufu away.


Simon Pigeon takes his daily medicine.

Simon takes his daily medicine.
He's 16yo, arthritis, hard for him to walk.
This is kinda like a pain reliever, seems to help ~:<)
Quite cooperative compared to most birds, he really doesn't seem to mind.